21 August 2015

Storms of Transformation Bring Clear Skies ~ Gaia Portal ~ 20 August 2015

More from Gaia Portal to challenge us :)

If the third line is a typo, it could read "Hybridized conformations are now in fashion", but I doubt it. Assuming it's not a typo, then "Hebridized" could come from "Hebrides", which are the ancient islands off Scotland. In other words, these ancient connections could trigger or activate the remembrance of our true essence. The "ion" bit has me dumbfounded, though.

As for the last line, it could mean that we are coming to the end of a polarised existence, or the end of two conflicting timelines. My opinion only  :)

Source: Gaia Portal

Storms of transformation bring clear skies.
Consciousness upgrades continue accelerated.
Hebridized conformations are now ion fashion.
Such are leading to Inner Knowing.
Essences are released as veils fall.
Tandems are no more.

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