27 August 2015

Supermassive Galactic Plasma Ray: Excerpt From Solar Revolution Movie ~ RedLotus888 ~ 20 April 2013

I seem to be having a Solar-themed day on this blog! What with on-going Solar storms and an M-class flare just now, perhaps this Solar-inspired synchronicity :)  I can't remember where I first saw this link, it was some days ago.....

Anyway, this is an 18-minute excerpt from "Solar Revolution", which I found to be both fascinating and regrettable. Fascinating because it speaks about the effects of a massive Galactic Plasma Ray that will affect the collective consciousness of Humanity, and regrettable because I came across this movie in early 2013 but didn't watch it. It's available for online-viewing from the Solar Revolution site, and I'm definitely going to watch it this time.

Here is the description:

"Does the sun have the power to transform humankind?
In SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION, world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers makes a compelling case, pointing to a wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental, and spiritual abilities. We are in the midst of a dramatic rise in solar disturbances, which have the capability of disrupting the Earth's geomagnetic field and, as a result, our global ecology. Broers, however, sees this not as an impending apocalypse
but as the dawn of a new era.

Drawing on research from a variety of disciplines, he shows how erupting solar activity carries the potential to boost our brain capacity and expand our minds in ways we never imagined possible. Abilities now seen as extraordinary or supernatural-telepathy, extrasensory perception, and off-the-charts intelligence quotients-may soon become ordinary and natural and could very well help us solve the mounting global crises we are facing. Without a doubt, the way we think, feel, relate, communicate, and experience reality has been changing dramatically in recent years, and Dieter Broers affirms those changes will ultimately culminate in a new form of consciousness and harmony on Earth.
Humankind is going through an evolutionary leap, says Broers,
and the process has already begun."

Back to this excerpt. Oh, but first, let me say that yes, our Sun can affect Humanity in the sense that it is working in tandem with the Galactic Sun, receiving the Cosmic energies from beyond and funnelling it to the Solar System. There are several articles on the blog from Alkesh, Ibrahim Hassan, Cobra and others on this subject so I won't go into it.

This video talks about a massive plasma cloud that's moving towards Sagittarius A (at that time) and expected to be gobbled up by the Black Hole in 2013. (This didn't happen, the cloud swung past the Black Hole safely ~ see report here.) It presents yet another interesting angle in looking at the anticipated Wave (and all the various names it goes by).

It was also expected that an eruption of Cosmic Rays would occur, sending waves of energies towards Earth. These waves, which include radiowaves, would then trigger altered states of consciousness, courtesy of the pineal gland, which produces DMT, the "spirit molecule". This ultimately leads to an increased level of consciousness.

1972 Nobel Prize Winner Julius Axelrod (who studied the pineal gland) explains that such a phenomenon alters entire species, and cites the global usage of language which occurred around the same time as an example.

Now, I have no comment about why the cloud (which I presume is the one called G2?) wasn't gobbled up, or what it's not doing, because I have no idea. But I do remember Cobra posting a picture of something like that in January last year (via Eostre's Gift):

Clearly it shows that there's a whole star embedded in the cloud!

What role will this G2 cloud play in the expected Superwave? Or has its role been completed?
Since G2 is still intact, is the phenomenon as explained in the video still valid?
Do any of these factors matter?

I have no idea! All I know and understand, for now, is that a Cosmic Superwave will come from beyond the Galactic Sun, directed through our Sun and then beamed onto our Solar System. This is The Big One.

As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter one iota if I don't really know the mechanics behind this wave. All I care, ultimately, is that we receive this Cosmic gift and get our quantum boost of Light Consciousness :)

Here to view the 18-minute excerpt.

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