29 August 2015

The Sunshine Makers ~ Van Beuren ~ 1935

Almost 8 minutes of Sunshine Sparkles, that's what this classic cartoon is! What with all the recent posts about our Sun, as well as my new understanding (from the Solar Revolution movie) of how the energies of the "Wave" will activate the pineal gland to produce DMT, which will then positively impact consciousness, this is pure synchronicity!

Grateful thanks to Lee Binder, who sent me the link   I enjoyed every second of this cartoon! I'd like to think that it was a sort of coded message in some way.....

"Sunshine, Sunshine....it's just the thing to keep you fine!" Bottled Sunshine instead of milk....what a notion!

Watch it here.....


  1. :)

    .. and the story continues:

    New Zealand Sky Television solar outage alert: "Between 5th - 11th September 2015 the service will be affected intermittently"


    1. Wow! Thanks, Lee :) September, here it comes!