19 August 2015

Unified Cosmic Trigger: Higher Choices ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 August 2015

This is another amazing and timely message from Sandra Walter, who explains more about this next cycle that I had written about earlier as well as many issues that are presenting themselves. These are the exact issues that some of you have been privately communicating with me about, so it's very beneficial and reassuring to have them expanded.....thank you, Sandra!!

Source: Sandra Walter

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Our upcoming Cosmic Trigger on August 22-25 sets the forces of the final Equinox-Blood Moon Gateway into play. As we enter the final stage of a two-year-long project, the high-vibe sector becomes a key decision-maker in how this unfolds. Like many of you, I AM experiencing a deeply mystical passage of the Mastery journey. Revelations always increase around these Equinox gates, as well as veil-thinning episodes of interaction. It is a time to delve deeply into the experience, the connections, the revelations and the opportunities available to us.

Cosmic Triggers, or Prime timelines, are pre-arranged events utilizing cosmic forces, set in place by our Higher Levels, to create higher possibilities during the Shift. Some utilize the alignment of planets and stars to open floodgates of energies from other systems. Some are invitations to engage in the highest-possible-outcome. Apparently we did well during the Lion’s Gate (a significant shift in energies for many on the 12th last week prior to the New Moon), and now we on track to take advantage of a higher experience. Higher light anchored = higher experience available for all. Magnetic shifts can make the planet feel unstable; breathe and create stability within and without.

The more activated Masters we have, the more 5D bridges are built, and the more stability we hold as the re-creation of 3D fades away. This is why so many of you feel completely disconnected from the current collective reality.
Please read on.....

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