04 September 2015

A Shift in the Sky : A God Message from Suzanne Spooner of TAUK ~ 3 September 2015

Look at this glorious sight that Suzanne captured!!

Source: TAUK Messages

Hi Everyone,

I am one of those people is always looking up at the sky! I have a deep appreciation for the ever changing shifts of color and clouds. When my kids were little I told them the sky is like God’s art canvas. My family teases me about all the sunset and sky pictures I take. The one on this post I took just last night. 

So, it struck me as odd a few weeks ago when I noticed fewer and fewer airplanes, contrails & chemtrails. There seemed to almost be a post-9/11 feel to it, in the sense of the planes being grounded. We live in a place not far from a big airport and are lined up with Chicago and Omaha so there normally is a steady stream of multiple planes above.
As I first noticed this, the skies were utterly cloudless for several days. I thought maybe the weather conditions aren’t right for the trails to form. So I looked for the speck in the sky that was a moving plane. I might see just one or two all day or none. Then the clouds were back but no trails, no planes; except for the very occasional one.

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