08 September 2015

Arcturian Group via Marilyn Raffaele ~ 6 September 2015

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Source: Oneness Of All

Greetings dear ones, we are happy to meet once again.  The channel needed a break  as she too is evolving and growing into the new energies all are experiencing at this time. 

Much continues to happen on all levels as more and more awaken out of the dream.  Many of those awakening do not yet understand what is happening but instead see inner change simply as changing their minds or having a new opinion about some issue.  In actuality it is an expansion of consciousness allowing them to move beyond many old fear based beliefs. 

Rejoice my friends, for you are emerging out of the dense cocoon of ignorance and becoming butterflies of awareness even if you do not think you are. 

There are many serious spiritual seekers who continue to hold concepts about what spirituality and ascension must look like.  Most of these ideas come from books with stories and information about the experiences of others--experiences that were often not fully understood and were thus  interpreted and presented to others though the eyes of third dimensional consciousness and religious beliefs. 

No  one person's evolutionary experience will be exactly like another's.  Everyone of you has  lived many lifetimes of differing experiences and are here now with lessons to be learned that are personal to you.  Each person's experiences will be different depending upon what is needed for in order to move beyond the old energy and into the real.  Often those looked upon as failures according to world thinking are actually accomplishing tremendous spiritual growth through their chosen experience.
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