03 September 2015

Awakening the Pineal Gland ~ Corey Goode and David Wilcock

This is quite an unexpected topic for me to see in the Cosmic Disclosure series with Corey Goode and David Wilcock, but since it's one of my favourite topics, I watched this interview with much interest. Very early on in the episode, I quickly realised that the Pineal Gland is indeed something that is quite integral in the training procedures of the SSP. I'll be posting some key points of this interview, because the topic is something I like to explore and more importantly, it may be beneficial for those who are not currently GaiamTV members.

Two things became very clear to me:
  • We already know how important this (now) tiny gland is to our Ascension process. The Cabal is also fully aware of this, and has effectively put into place a lot of measures to ensure that this powerful gland remains dormant/calcified. What I wasn't aware of is the level of high importance they themselves place on this gland, working on it directly to stimulate it in order to enhance intuitive abilities which are then used in negative ways to achieve their dark goals. This is so typical of their general insidious modus operandi, just like ridiculing the existence of extraterrestrial life while their origins are exactly that.
  • How our minds can be used against us through projecting virtual realities that we psychosomatically experience as real ~ our minds are truly powerful movie projectors that mimic the holographic nature of the Universe. In the interview, Corey pointed out that the virtual reality ends when the mind ends the "projection".
I'm well aware that many awakened people have chosen to believe some sources who are declaring that our Pineal Gland is an alien implant that is linked to AI (sigh...). If this is true, the Cabal would not be going all out to deaden this potentially powerful gland among the masses and yet at the same time turn around and stimulate it among their recruits in order to grow their psychic powers. So please, work at decalcifying your Pineal and do all you can to activate it.

Now I'll repeat (yet again) some things I've mentioned before. Please remember that our Pineal is a crystalline gland that was intentionally designed into the Human template eons ago when the species received a boost in its evolution (the missing link). The very purpose for this gland is so that Humanity would be able to receive higher energies when the time comes, as the Pineal acts as an antennae and an activator, much like a powerful crystal. This information came through Judy Satori's "Sunshine Before The Dawn".

Then recently, I learnt via the Solar Revolution movie where researchers discovered that the Pineal, when stimulated, produces DMT which then creates the experience of euphoria as well as expanded and higher consciousness in volunteer test subjects. So when The Event/Wave/Pulse hits, we can expect this same experience.

You can view this episode at GaiamTV.

There is also a partial transcript available at Sphere Being Alliance.

Now, on to the notes I took C for Corey and D is David:
  • Dr Michael Salla has written a summary of this episode, you can read it here
  • Corey was subjected to "sonic wave treatments" to his Pineal to stimulate his intuitive abilities
  • Contains rods and cones, just like our eyes, therefore "Third Eye" by ancient Egyptians
  • This gland was much bigger in ancient times
  • Dracos tried to eliminate it but benevolent ETs reinstalled it, according to one of David's source
  • Direct connection between Pineal and Lightbody
  • Paintings of Jesus with halos ~ Corey believes the halo depicts a highly developed Lightbody
  • D: In Tibet, Pineal is stimulated by intentionally "wounding" the point on the forehead by using a long, thin and sharp wooden stick
  • He also mentions De Michael Persinger's "God Helmet", which triangulates energies to certain points of the brain to produce panic, fear, sexual arousal and "god experience" (God Spot)
  • D reveals insider info that recruits practice inverse callisthenics to enrich oxygen supply to pineal gland in order to enhance abilities
  • Corey was placed in pressure rooms with high oxygen, told to meditate and results of brainwaves (I think) recorded; Yoga and Taichi improves circulation, positively affects Pineal
  • C talks about how they train with energy / Chi balls, moving them around body
  • D quoted Bill Moyers' documentary as an example; a martial arts master repelled group of people just with his Chi
  • C: this is akin to "The Force" and Jedis; the SSP really into Star Wars' Sith and the dark side of the Force; he cited some examples where certain people in the SSP could dent metal, just using Chi balls
  • He also observed that these highly skilled people executed smooth, gentle motions, and not jerky movements attributed to adrenaline rush, a theory that D raised regarding adenaline acting as an energy conduit
  • C taught to visualise grounding to centre of Earth as well as be an antenna pulling in Cosmic energy; Earth is related and connected to rest of Cosmos
  • Received virtual reality training where senses (smell, taste etc) felt very real; went through very horrific experiences of being in battle, he had to rely on his intuitive abilities to pull out of the "reality", tactical training and physical abilities did not work; they targetted the recruits' fears eg C had a fear of spiders, so he had to battle spiders, info is "pulled" from mind
  • Recruits allowed to "graduate" if they could tell difference between virtual and real environment
  • D mentions similarities with "Divergent" and "Ender's Game" movies
  • D asks if Life is a simulation, hologram, to which C said "Row, row, row your boat, life is but a dream" 
  • C: we are considered spiritual children when we die, we don't live long enough.

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