09 September 2015

Bigger, Better, Brighter?


This is just me, putting words down on (cyber) paper.

Meditation "Report"
First off, yesterday's meditation. I have no idea what happened, all I know is that "something" major must have transpired, or the situation was such that it required our participation but at an etheric level only. What I know is that I woke up for the meditation (I set my alarm for 2:55 am, giving me 5 minutes to prepare) as usual, and the next thing I'm aware of is that the clock says 3:33 am!! I obviously fell asleep as soon as I turned off the alarm....very strange. When I woke up and saw 3:33 on the clock, I must have promptly fallen asleep again because it was morning when I next woke up.

Even now, as I try to "query" my experience, I get nothing.....total blank. I would certainly like to believe that some very major and positive development occurred!

Time To Wrap It Up
Returning to what I do know, at least for now.....and I will write in the first person because I cannot speak for anyone else. Nevertheless, I do believe that my thoughts and feelings are not just mine alone.

For some time now, I've been feeling so very sure that it's time to wrap up this "reality". It has run its course for long enough ~ it's fast running out of new plots, able to dish out only tired re-hashed versions of over-used storylines and barely just stamping its authority over any intrusion of alternative realities that continue to present themselves at the fringes, which themselves are growing bigger as they creep further inwards.

As the awakened population in both spiritual and intel communities prepare for and look forward to a world transformed, I find myself revisiting a long-held thought that manages to surface every now and then when I read certain updates or information. The general indication is a belief in a not-too-distant future that is greatly improved from the current situation, while in some instances it's Life as usual, but with less suffering and hopefully more abundance.

Bigger, Better, Brighter?
Usually, when I come across something like that, my long-held thought butts in and distracts me considerably. It triggers a series of related thoughts that runs its course, usually lasting quite a few minutes, and ultimately ending in my dismissal of the root thought in the expectation that all descendant thoughts also go with it. That usually doesn't work.

The thing is, I don't subscribe to this extrapolated future. I don't believe in a bigger-better-brighter new world. I don't see a reality where everything is an improved version. I don't have faith in building new structures upon existing foundations.

I believe in the following for ALL of Humanity:
  • Total eradication of sickness, disease and hunger, not better hospitals or healthcare
  • An entirely new way of community governance, not more ethical politicians
  • A world of abundance for ALL, not better wages or welfare
  • Transportation with advanced technology (maglev for example), not better road systems or higher versions of cars that still require highways
  • Wireless free energy, the way Tesla meant for Humanity to enjoy
  • Completely new way of architecture that is in total harmony with Nature, not enhanced structures loaded with inorganic technology
  • Absolutely new curriculum for educating children (and adults!) in accordance with Universal and spiritual knowledge
  • Utterly and wholly holistic methods for achieving and maintaining wellness (healing temples or chambers, for example), not more luxurious spas/centres
  • Thorough and full elimination of elitism and commercialism. (This list is by no means exhaustive.)

Quantum Jump, New Missing Link
In other words, I believe in a quantum jump of existence that comes with a quantum leap of consciousness. I believe in Mother Gaia and Humanity taking their place, once again, as a treasured member of the Galactic Society. The learning curve may be steep to get from "here" to "there", but I'm pretty sure I would do my best!

If it is true that, as one of very many Volunteer Souls, I originate from a more advanced civilisation, then somewhere in the deep recesses of my cellular memory is a record of that higher consciousness existence, one that revolves around a curriculum of higher consciousness based on Love and bathed in Light.

This year and particularly in the past months, I have been experiencing fleeting recall of such an existence. It's more of a knowingness than actual visuals, and this has reinforced my belief that I should aim a whole lot higher than just bigger-better-brighter.

In fact, I believe that this quantum leap would be the new "missing link" in the evolution of Humanity, where consciousness leap-frogs several stages.

Taking Another Look
I have contemplated for a long time over the situation where many seem to be happy settling for mere improvements. In fact, I know quite a few awakened Souls who are quite comfortable thinking and planning for the next three decades, making investment choices, weighing career advancement options, and looking forward to a better life.

I've often wondered why so many settle for so little. In my wondering and wandering, I've concluded (whether rightly or wrongly) that guidance or teachings such as "accepting everything as perfect", "everything is as it should be", "find joy in all aspects of Life" etc perhaps contribute in some degree towards accepting things as they are, instead of changing a situation that makes me miserable. They have, whether intentionally or otherwise, created a limited scope that enabled complacency in the status quo. This, in turn, could have stunted the potential to imagine something far greater.

I have done time where I did my best to align with these teachings, but in the past few years, I've had a different perspective. For example, if I'm in an abusive relationship, I wouldn't stick around. If I'm supposed to be a co-creator Being in partnership with my Divinity, then surely I can remove myself from the situation pronto. I could even accept that it was "perfect" in the sense that perhaps the relationship showed me something that I had to do or learn (like standing up for myself, based on the same example), and then make an empowered choice to create a better situation. If I were to accept every bad situation in my life as perfect and do nothing, then I would have to resign myself to a life of total misery. Either that or be a martyr....I choose neither.

Then there's Divine Timing and Divine Plan. I feel that these two are usually misinterpreted. I've found that many believe this to mean "let's leave things alone, there's Divine Timing and a Divine Plan at work". I absolutely believe in Divine Timing and Divine Plan(s), but I don't believe that I should leave things alone.

What if the Divine Timing depends on me to do my part? What if I had to do something, and that something is the critical path of the Divine Plan? That means that unless I do my part, the rest of the Plan cannot proceed. It's like meticulously planning a surprise birthday party and then ending up waiting for hours because the birthday person decided to work late.

I need to show up and play my part because I'm part of the Divine Plan and I affect the Divine Timing. (All of you, too ~ I'm writing this in the first person.) What if I'm holding things up because I'm doing nothing? Or what if the Divine Plan is stalled because the plan is for me to have something that's beyond my greatest imagination but I'm settling for much less?

Divine Will
I would like to believe that as much as possible, I'm living my Life in alignment with Divine Will. And right now, my Divine Will wishes to create a reality that's not based on the "next step up" :)

Make It Heavenly
If my mission is to bring Heaven to Earth, then Heaven it must be. Not just a better version of the world we know, but Heaven in every aspect of form. Then I will get to experience Mother Gaia in her full glory and become a part of Humanity expressing its highest consciousness.

I came from such an existence....I must now remember it so that I can co-create it here on Earth. After all, if I'm supposed to have come from there, then I must reach for the Stars. And I would like to invite you to do that, too.

I will aim for an existence where I can fully step into my role as a creator god, and where magic and miracles are the norm.

No extrapolation, no bigger-better-brighter, no improved versions. Think Cosmic and reach for the Stars!! (And remember to do inner work and whatever you can as a Light Server!)

Namaste :)


  1. Brilliant.. and it feels so right too. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It makes perfect sense what you write.

    1. Thank you, John :)
      Many Blessings,

  2. Great post, Grace! I always love the personal ones where you "let fly" with whatever you're thinking and feeling at the moment. :)

    Like you, I don't seem to have any visuals or actual memories of prior life experiences, but simply an undeniable sense of "knowing" certain things--and this seems to be getting stronger by the day. Rather coincidentally (NOT!) I was listening to some older Kryon channelings last night. In one, he mentioned that in many cases, we're not supposed to have actual, specific memories of our "past" life experiences...we're merely supposed to carry their ENERGY with us.

    Until recently, I've been rather frustrated in my attempts to meditate, download information or spiritual "upgrades", and astral travel. I'm slowly coming to the understanding that most of us aren't necessarily intended to experience obvious, profound, or blinding revelations just yet. For me, it feels as if now is more of a time for us to demonstrate our ability to TRUST, day in and day out, that no matter what challenges we may face we will receive EXACTLY what we need--at just the right time. It's a time for us to focus on the kind of future WE want to create, no matter what the "external" world seems to be doing or creating around us.

    Although it can seem to be a bit "defeatist" in some ways, I do believe that everything IS "perfect". We are in exactly the right spot and in exactly the right circumstances for us to experience our greatest soul growth. That said, we ALWAYS have the choice in how we react to these circumstances. We can believe ourselves to be victims, always blaming or giving credit to someone or to something else. We can sigh, shrug our shoulders, and plod along, just letting the circumstances push us wherever they will. OR, we can take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings, and actions, EMPOWER OURSELVES, and focus on creating and believing in the future WE WISH TO CREATE.

    (To be continued...)

    1. Stargazer, I don't know how to insert a "thumbs-up" icon, but please pretend this is it ~ **
      And thank you for enjoying my little-rant-masquerading-as-post :D

      Actually, there are so many layers to any one belief/teaching/guidance, and no, I don't think it's being defeatist if you see things are perfect in an empowered way. I also believe that there can be better options for learning, as well as accepting the fact that some require stronger nudges before getting it. Many layers, we could create a whole book just exploring them! And that's not even factoring in contracts!

      Ok on to your next.....

  3. Grace, I'm with you on choosing a quantum leap forward!

    When you mention a "bigger-better-brighter world", I believe that is exactly what the older paradigms and energies of government, religion, and control will be proposing in the very near future. They know that inevitable change is on the horizon and (just as they have always done) they are intent on manipulating this momentum to further their own selfish agendas. In the guise of something "bigger, better", "brighter", I feel they will try to convince Humanity to take a small, tentative step forward. This will be their "New World Order". Humanity, much like an abused circus animal that is suddenly released from its cage into a larger fenced pasture, will FEEL free. But this is a false sense of freedom. Despite this new "expanded" and more comfortable home, the animal is still contained, controlled, and exploited.

    Humanity and all beings deserve to be free. TRULY FREE. We deserve to enjoy Nature and one another in our purest form. We deserve to be free from fear, free from manipulation, and free to express ourselves as the Divine and Sovereign Beings that we are. We and Mother Gaia WILL take an evolutionary leap forward, because that is exactly what we INTEND to create for ourselves.

    I would suggest that to do this, we must simply fix this perfect vision in mind, KNOW that we will create it, and devote every conscious moment to its creation. If we open ourselves to Divine Guidance, we can trust that we will all make the right choices and take all the right actions at just the right moments. When we feel very strongly that we need to do something--and that something feels "right" to our body, heart, and mind, we will KNOW that this is exactly what we are supposed to do. As long as we are guided and move forward in this way, the whole of the Universe is there to support us. And as long as we hold on to this, we CANNOT falter or fail.

    The old energies of worry, concern, or fear are yesterday's news. They were the OLD way and they are no longer being supported by Universe. Now is the time for Healing, Unity, and LOVE. THIS is the NEW way. THIS is what is being supported now.

    "Bigger", "better", "brighter"? Nah. Those are just "baby" steps. I don't know about the rest of you, but I AM with Grace on this one. I AM ready to BE, DO, and accomplish SO much more. I think we all are.

    I AM ready to FLY--and the view from here is simply SPECTACULAR!!!

    With So Very Much Love and Appreciation,


    1. SO GLAD you feel the same, Stargazer! And two thumbs-up for sharing your wisdom and enthusiasm! Pretend again... ** **

      I love everything that you said. Yes, let's FLY with our creation abilities!! And you know what? When enough of us decide it's time for Heaven on Earth to manifest....wow....I can't even think of what else to say!

      Now let's tweak that Divine Timing....

      Much Love and many Blessings ❤

  4. Have absolutely with you here darling!! Here's to this magnificence mwaahhhhh xxxx

  5. Awesome Grace, literally! ;) every word you have written truly resonates with some fleeting visions I've been experiencing and lots of 'aha' moments. Thanks for sharing it so clearly and simply. We are reaching for the stars!!!!! Love Love Love x

    1. Thank you for being on board with this, Kate!! WE CAN DO THIS! I know we can, all of us together, we can accomplish this :) And I truly feel your vibes!

      Much Love, Grace
      PS.....Just look at that time-stamp.... 10 September 10:10 Wow...

    2. And mine.... 13:11 = 1:11....

  6. This post flew to me through the labyrinth of the internet land ,which i visit only in short bursts.and it delivered exactly what i needed to hear -my own thoughts coming through another. I stand with you side by side ,reaching for the stars!!!!

    1. YAY!!!! We're getting there, I just know it!! Thanks, Earth Girl....every Soul matters :)