30 September 2015

Choosing Love First..... ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 29 September 2015

Source: Galactic Historian

Most people are living on autopilot, just trying to get by and ‘survive’. Technological progress has provided many solutions but created even more problems.
People are glued to their smart phones, mostly communicating with others through texting and messaging.
Their attention span seems to be decreasing, almost like an unconscious counter-reaction to the information boom, distracted by all the technological over-stimulation.
Collectively, we seem to be at a breaking point.
These are challenging times, but every challenge and struggle provides an opportunity to help awaken us from the collective slumber.

The struggle and internal friction experienced when trying to fit into a society that has become normalized with pathological values has pushed some of us into questioning our world and our cult-ure.

Modern life desensitizes us and keeps us imprisoned in our heads.

Instead of drowning the little voice inside, engaging in avoidance strategies and jumping into the “consensus” rat race, we stop following the crowd and start seeking truth, trying to understand the world and ourselves in the process.

Oftentimes, this journey is met with ridicule, resistance and attacks from others, and so it can become a lonely path to trod. There are forces at work who do not wish for humanity to awaken due to their own scarcity-consciousness interests ; a spiritual war that is taking place both within and without ourselves.

Life is hard as it is in this day and age, especially for the ones who can see through the lies of official culture and the matrix we live in.

We need positive reinforcement from time to time, especially from within ourselves.
In the end, it’s about Love – and by “Love”, I am not referring to avoidance strategies or living in denial by forcing ourselves to be nice and positive all the time.

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