02 September 2015

Cobra Interview with Lynn of Prepare For Change ~ 31 August 2015 (Reposted 2 September 2015)

**Updated with some notes ~ 2 September 2015. Also, please go to the link at Cobra's site The Portal in case he updates this post with new information (which he has).

This is an excellent interview which covers a wide base of topics that would be very useful for those who are fairly new to the information that Cobra has brought out over the past couple of years. Even then, it's still very good reading (or listening, audio quality one of the best that I'm aware!) for those who are familiar ~ Cobra has some additional information on a couple of current news items, The Event, Tianjin and even Satan and Lucifer.

Some highlights:
  • Everything that is suppressed must come to the surface; regardless of what people do, the Galactic Centre's energies will continue to bring all this to light. The process can be smoother if more people are awakened
  • Red Dragons' focus is on finance and politics while Blue Dragons' aspect is spiritual
  • As with any group, taking into consideration human factor, there are some within the Dragon factions and some families that are not aligned with the Light, but in general true families are dedicated to liberation of Planet
  • Global collateral accounts formed decades ago, meant to introduce abundance for Humanity but like many things, have been hijacked by Cabal. Dragon families working to correct and re-direct the purpose
  • Much information regarding our human history are inaccurate, but general direction is to look at Atlantis but then again much is speculation; Cobra recommends links that he has posted, and this is what I think he's referring to, subject to correction ~ Mystery Schools
  • Strangelet bombs and Chimera group are what's left to clear
  • Meanwhile, please continue with weekly liberation meditations and to spread the truth!
  • Some scepticism is healthy but people need to be well-informed
  • One modus operandi of Archons if to maintain the "status quo" look, as if nothing is happening
  • Light worker / Light warrior ~ the former deny the existence of Dark but do great job anchoring Light; the latter focus on removing the Dark;both roles need to be balanced
  • We are de-constructing 25,000 years of Darkness so in reality we are actually making huge progress; suffering was never meant to be part of the creation equation
  • September not the timeframe that RM expects breakthrough, Cobra doesn't foresee any cataclysmic events (for more info please read Galactic Wave of Love)
  • Stresses yet again that RV will not take place until after The Event
  • Tianjin ~ result of Cabal retaliating against Eastern Alliance for not following the script when China devalued their currency; Cobra mysteriously says that this action by the Cabal will lead to consequencies that would accelerate the process (?!)
  • Satan and Lucifer ~ one has been returned to the Galactic Sun and the other now working for the Light; Cobra declines to specify which is which
  • Ascension is raising of vibrational frequencies of Planet and Humanity, nothing to do with "harvesting of Souls" by Light and Dark
  • Post-The Event ~ First Contact, cleaning of Planet, mass awakening, becoming a Galactic society
  • Pillars of Light ~ 10-20% are genuine creations of Light to awaken the population
  • Banking system needs to be completely shut-down in order to totally revamp system
  • Cobra explains compression breakthrough (again), and coupled with the Galactic Wave, something that's unique that's not happened before so no one knows what exactly will happen when it hits, but it would be "most extraordinary event of our lives"
  • Masculine electric, Feminine magnetic, both are integral to creation; feminine suppressed so that easier to control Humanity but Galactic Wave will reinstate this energy once again so that integration of both can happen
  • Sisterhood of the Rose originated from central rays and spread throughout Galaxy; introduced in times of Atlantis to anchor Goddess presence; time again to reintroduce this presence (you can sign up at http://www.prepareforchange.net/)
  • Spirit is source and Soul comes from this; both are higher aspects of ourselves; ultimate goal ~ to return to Source
  • Consciousness ~ when Spirit projected itself into matter; connecting to Spirit is connecting with Source through meditation, being in beauty or Joy
  • Soul families come from same stream of Life through Central Sun at same time
  • Divine Plan exists but we can always influence it through using our free will for the Light
  • Keep up with the weekly meditations, form SOTR groups, and know that we have made huge strides in this process.

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