15 September 2015

Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes and Michelle Caruso ~ 6 September 2015

Although I took quite lengthy notes, they are still very much summarised so it's best you listen to the interview itself for details. I didn't include topics that I felt are already well covered previously, either by Simon or others; anyway, the notes are basically for reference purposes only :)

As with most sources, Simon will touch on controversial issues that contradict others. I certainly have no definitive answer as to who's right and who's wrong (or for that matter, how much is right/wrong). Simon also spends some much appreciated time elaborating on the Wave.

Here for the video.

  • Most countries have ET connections throughout time (Simon referred to "caves" in Romania, perhaps Bucegi Mountains?)
  • Blue Avians are holographic projections but Simon doesn't know who are behind the them
  • Human genetics manipulated so that they can think but not out-think their "masters"
  • Blacks more resistant to mind control
  • Ireland part of Atlantis, still connected to its energies, many ancient sites still protected; Glastonbury also important energy line, now used by dark to harness its energy
  • (27-minute) End September Wave ~ effects will be different in each country, depending on its population's consciousness eg. Britain ~ major spiritual upheaval
  • Wave is part of steady program to push Humanity forward after 2.5 years of heavy dark reptilian energy blanketing the Planet, hindering positive progress
  • Wave will greatly help eliminate this dense energy and provide forward momentum; Simon cannot predict outcomes; hopes that we'll be able to discern better, "enough is enough"
  • Archons / Velons (as in Akashic records) are energetic, no physical body therefore hard to detect and defend against 
  • Reincarnation system = enslave Souls and begin to replace their essence with AI so that humans can accept Archons, enabling them to manifest in 3D
  • Royalty and hierarchy is 4D construct, doesn't exist in highly evolved civilisations
  • Sitchin's interpretation correct, but Sumerian Tablets "fake"
  • Archons relatively new to Earth, they have ability to tamper Akashic records; goal is to assimilate Multiverse, like Borgs (I was very horrified to hear this....imagine how many people are tapping into the Akash!)
  • Tables of Testimony = unaltered copy of Akash, backup system in custody of Knights Templar, "when the time comes", this will be plugged back into Earth
  • Simon plans to organise group to "punch holes into energy grid" in October (reminds me of what Cobra said about piercing the veil)
  • (01:01 mark) September Wave to shift 2.5 years of stagnation and pushing uphill, will displace negative energy and get us back on track, but he doesn't know how things will play out'
  • When more people get 12 strands, no more need to govern Humanity; abductees (with several strands already pulled in) are studied to see how far behind people are
  • Meditation ~ key to activating 12 strands but some races have difficulty meditating eg Reptilians so need to use images and sounds
  • Ascension = pulling in 12 strands and Higher Soul
  • Djinn capable of assisting in Mother Gaia's Ascension
  • Sonic waves can be used to grow pineal (as testified by Corey Goode) but organic way is better, through diet, maintaining inner balance, creating positivity, meditate; Pineal = crystalline, therefore Dr Emoto's work applies
  • Obama good man, bred for this job but blackmailed/threatened
  • Artificially inseminated babies can be ensouled, just as natutal babies, as long as Soul from Source
  • When power structure falls, void created; 3 negative parties waiting to fill it before new system implemented
  • "Humanity stand at edge of cliff" for 7th time, previous 6 times we fell to bottom, cannot afford to fail again
  • Pyramid symbol hijacked
  • Vaccines ~ most doctors in the dark about its real intention
  • Sirius system is very complex, several portals connecting it to other systems, like several highways for trading purposes, races range from Light Beings to denser energies
  • Angels do work with Humanity
  • 1971, positive American department discovered that government and military groups were being negatively influenced by top layer of parasitic force, Archons/Velons
  • Don't go anywhere! Stay on the Planet, fight to protect and preserve it
  • Love is energy that dark cannot utilise
  • Every effort matters.