26 September 2015

Final Blood Moon: Anchoring Unity Creation ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 24 September 2015

I was writing a bit about creation yesterday, and saw this in my Inbox today. I love it when synchronicity strikes!

Source: Think With Your Heart

Happy belated equinox dear people of HEART!

We may have merely survived another season of ascension, but the one that follows promises to be unlike ANY other…in the history of everness.

When I sat down to transcribe this report, the first words that entered my mind were: “The new world consciousness begins now.”  

If you are not feeling the truth of that already, you will soon enuf. We all have our own perfect, unique, divine timing…one that dovetails into the perfection of our lives, relationships and personal creations. Aka, ALL is well.

If you’re reading this than you already know that September is and has been a HUGE, supercharged month of majorly shifting tides.  For some, a life-changing ‘event is on the horizon’, for others a deeper call to full truth, but for ALL…whether conscious or not…a turning point is definitely on tap.

Certainly there is a wholelotta colorful hype about what this upcoming final blood moon heralds for humanity, but just like when 2012 came and went, these events are never what we conjure up in our heads.

That is definitely not to say that amazing, unspeakable gifts of goodness won’t befall us…in fact, this is already happening for some…it’s just that these waves of energy don’t affect everyone in the same way, at the same time.

In the world of causality, the interpretations are spanning the gamut in the usual, polarizing ways…from the common “mass rapture” talk at one end, to the always popular doom & gloom theories at the other.

This is pretty typical aggrandizement for duality, where the separated mind tends to gravitate toward extremes…but we know better.  We know that in unity, the truth is always somewhere in the middle and solely contingent on Self…on how much LOVE we can hold in our HEARTs and how much light we can carry in our cells.

We know that in 5D, that is the only gauge we ever have for how we experience anything.

Please read on.....

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