19 September 2015

Gatekeepers: Highest Potentials, Highest Outcomes ~ Sandra Walter ~ 18 September 2015

Despite what the title suggests, this message from Sandra is for all of us! Obviously, we are entering a significant period and what Sandra has to say is pertinent for all.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

The completion of our two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways is upon us. Gatekeepers, we have a collective unified opening on Saturday, September 19 and will stay open through the Blood Moon eclipse on the 27th. Every aligned HUman heart is welcome to participate in this Divine Intent of Service. Crystals on the ground, vertical Gateways open wide; including the one in your Solar Cosmic Christed Heart center (the most important for personal activations).

The activations/accelerations are sublimely transcendent (grounding the New). Rays of the wave come through my consciousness (frozen-in-my-tracks moments of *Wow*) and flow liquid light into my fields, stimulating the merge (consistent revelations; how vast we are!)  Sharing our stories can wait; focus is key to Highest Outcomes.

I truly Love this phase and the potential it holds for our embodiment. Stay true to the HUman Heart grid as we unleash our best efforts over the next week. The Higher Realms say we are *ready to drop the payload* … as always, it is up to the collective to be prepared, participating, and capable of receiving this Light on behalf of the highest interests of all concerned. On the ground, we create the maximum potential for anchoring this Light. Vibration = Vibration.

Reminder from the last message:

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  1. Has anyone heard about the Last Gatekeeper an oraphim?