25 September 2015

Huge Light Upgrades and Their Effects on the Physical ~ Energy Update from Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 24 September 2015

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Okay loves, IT has begun...

Whatever you identify with for this period, we've entered into HUGE LIGHT UPGRADES that are bombarding the physical body, so that all can physically be moved into higher frequency bandwidths (the Higher Realms, more expanded dimensions, alternate Universes, wherever you are for you).

These crystalline blasts are to target anything old, anything of a lower vibration. These are purification frequencies huge.

Whole body detox, cleansing and working through every organ, every muscle. I personally have not experienced anything this strong all at once for years. Tells me to get ready and just to go get in my vortex in my bed and go as intense as I can handle for faster integration and embodiment here.

I had pretty much cleared my calendar for the week. Everytime I feel to do this, it's important.

Where one is out and busy, walking around, in the physical dimension that is "lower", it's not as noticeable. In our own VORTEX/LIGHT SHIP space it's much more amplified, as we are in all dimensions at one time here. I like it amplified, full blown and fast....

Please read on....

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