26 September 2015

IBOC Section 2 Communique 1 ~ An T'Na via Gesanna ~ 16 September 2015

Gesanna is back with the start of a new set of communiques. I find this new message well-worth contemplating. Personally, as I've mentioned before several times, connecting with my Divinity and endeavouring to operate from Divine Will are my guiding principles ~ I've found that these factors greatly help me walk my path.

This came out some days ago but I wasn't aware of it until I felt the need to visit her site this morning.

Source: Contact2Ascension

Understanding the Difference Between Positive and positive/negative

Gesanna: I have been receiving notices from you that you have a message or messages to impart. Please begin when you're ready. Who is presenting this information at this time?

It is I, An T'na, bringing you information from all members of the Intergalactic Board of Council. This is what we wish you to know at this time.

(The Council through An T'na:...)

Greetings to each of you from all of us. We extend a warm welcome back to the next edition of our Communiques.

We are advancing you into an expanded understanding of the information we previously presented to you. And we are endeavoring to do so through a progressive and rapid succession of our Communiqués, and perhaps some additional Messages from the Ascended Being referred to as Mr. Ja'li.

The reason for doing this as 'rapidly' as our orcale can manage it is due to the significant time constraints upon some of the developing events on your planet.

It is essential that this information reach all those who are ready to ascend for this is knowledge that you must embrace and engage in order to ascend.

What we presented to you previously was designed to help you "Clear The Way There", as the subtitle of our initial Contact To Ascension series states.

The information presented to you now will consist of Volume 2 of our book and Section 2 of our website. The new title and subtitle of this new Volume and Section shall be, "Awakened To Reality: Your Path of Return to True Self - embracing and engaging it for your return Home".

Mr. Ja'li presented to you an introduction to what follows in these Communiqués and Messages herein.

We will expand upon this information and add much new material not previously imparted.

Please read on....

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