22 September 2015

Meanwhile, Up Above....


Being someone who loves looking at the Sky, I've come across a lot of very beautiful and/or unusual-looking formations over the years. In the recent weeks, however, it would seem as if we've crossed into a different threshold or realm.... (I'll avoid using the word "dimension" for now, but that would be fantastic, wouldn't it?). So many breath-taking views of the Sky, and I'm so pleased that many are now looking up and becoming more connected with it.

I've received some links of very interesting-looking Sky formations, and I'll post a couple of them here, as well as include on of my own, which isn't as spectacular as the others but I love it nonetheless :)

Here's one from Costa Rico, also from the same site as the one above. Please note that there's also an accompanying video on the same page.

Then there's this video of this incredible sighting (Crazy Haarp Activity and UFOs Over Arizona by SecureTeam)....what is it? Please watch towards the end, you'll see more development!

Then here's what I saw outside my window just a couple of days ago:

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