12 September 2015

More Wave-X Evidence ~ Shrodinger's Other Cat ~ 9 September 2015 (Update 12 September 2015)

I was following a couple of posts about the effects of Wave-X on this site, and this particular one gave me some food for thought. I had mentioned previously that I was a bit baffled about the daily effects of Solar Flares when the charts show no flaring, except for geomagnetic storms (lots of them!). In this post, it is explained that the geo-storms activity recorded are actually those of the intense energies being beamed to the Planet. I'm no expert but that does sound very plausible.

**Note: Not that my opinion matters to anyone, but I don't really like the name "Wave-X"....

Please read the post at Schrodinger's Other Cat.


  1. Hi. We at The CAT don't like "Wave X" either, but we seem to be stuck with it. For now.

    1. Thanks, Da-Da :) It sounds Cern-y, that's why I don't like it. Cosmic Wave? Blessings