29 September 2015

September Monthly Update ~ Cobra with Rob Potter ~ 28 September 2015

Transcript is also available! More details at The Portal. 

I'll add some notes later, I haven't properly read the whole thing yet.

I'll be pulling out some points to note here as I listen / read. These will be skeletal so please do read or listen to the interview and not just my notes, for better understanding and completion :)

  • Rob offers some information about Kriya Yoga and how it can help to activate the pineal (I believe also meditation, sound/Solfeggio, and simple intention), references the Corey/Wilcock GaiamTV episode on the Pineal Gland
  • Presence of inner shadow (insufficient inner work) as well as external external non-physical influences can trigger people to attack another (referring to a blogger's attack on Cobra), "I would put it this way, people who would really be representing Agarthan network would never attack anybody else publicly" (and I so agree)
  • Main subterranean "factions" ~ Reptilian/Draco aligned, Atlantean/ancient civilisations and RM. Tens of millions of lives lost after Archon invasion in 1996, after which the Atlantean/Ancient faction cut off contact with surface for security reasons
  • Situation vastly improved in past 2 years, most of Reptilian presence removed apart from Chimera stronghold
  • Major development in Nov/Dec 2014 when RM established contact with Eastern Agarthan Network (EAN) and Blue Dragons; as a result, the "mixed elements" in EAN were exposed and cleared
  • Even before Atlantis fell, many went underground to escape the growing darkness in that civilisation
  • Many of these civilisations (including Telos) are now already operating from Universal Law, Galactic Codex with basis of unconditional Love, while maintaining their own identity
  • EAN, which is source of Blue Dragon spirituality, now connected with Eastern Alliance to assist in financial re-set
  • To re-iterate, RM originally from Planet X, but many from Agarthan networks joined in early 2000s and another wave recently in late 2014
  • Corey's SSP accounts describe the situation about 10 years ago, and matches info that he had about 15 years ago
  • Earlier version of RM managed to infiltrate SSP in 1976-1977
  • Our entire and overall situation extremely complex (tell us about it!) so no one has the complete picture
  • Again, only bases that are Chimera strongholds with bombs are uncleared
  • No bases on gaseous Jupiter because not solid, but bases on its Galilean moons and platforms and ships floating in atmosphere; there are plasma lifeforms on the Planet
  • Similarly, plasma lifeforms on Saturn, unfortunately also some Chimera strongholds with implant stations
  • Galactic Confederation has physical and non-physical presence in and around major bodies of Solar System
  • Syria ~ world leaders are aware of actual situation and this could easily be resolved if they want to; refugees status is mixed, some are genuine and some are not (as Cobra explained in a previous post), meditations help to ease the situation, Russia taking some steps
  • Financial reset will result in distributions of collateral funds to all, but nothing much will occur before The Event. Reset will occur at time of The Event itself
  • Educational programs will be rolled out at time of The Event and thereafter
  • Vast majority of entities removed from lower astral and etheric planes but on plasma plane still some work to do, progress being made daily
  • Much of weather phenomenon has to do with increased flux of Galactic Centre, we are being buffered by Galactic Confederation without which situation would be more drastic, after The Event things will improve because Collective Consciousness will rise and positively affect weather conditions, aided by Nature and Elementals
  • Planets do have energy fields that influence planetary situation, so planetary alignments can be used as tools to further the liberation process
  • Archons have 80% and not total control over incarnation cycle, otherwise escaping the Matrix and liberation would be impossible
  • Souls from higher realms (and incarnating here) would have some memory of their connection, while Souls who are still ascending in their consciousness (from matter) do not
  • "....not possible to resolve the primary (Cosmic) anomaly without direct experience because you cannot understand something you have not experienced" (if you wish to know more about Cosmic anomaly, you can follow Ibrahim Hassan's webinar)
  • "It is not the human race that has such importance. It is more of that this planet is more important as it is the last stronghold of the dark forces, and when this planet is liberated, the war is over" (may I also take this opportunity to say that this is essentially as much Mother Gaia's Ascension as ours, if not more so)
  • "Harvesting" used by some sources to mean Ascension, while Archons use it to mean stealing of Soul energy
  • "The rest of the universe lives in peace and harmony simply because beings in the universe are a reflection of the sea of universal love.  That connection was cut artificially with implants in this sector of the universe millions of years ago, and the last remnant of that factor is planet Earth and to a very small extent the universe"
  • Iran nuclear deal is just fear-mongering
  • Cobra doesn't anticipate anything major to happen on 28th September; he advises us to stay centred, he will update with more in October.

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