01 September 2015

Simon Parkes Newsletter ~ September 2015

Some interesting issues that Simon Parkes mentions here are THE Wave/Event/Pulse, stocking up in case of disruptions to supply chain, the effects of group meditation as well as a breaking news item about HSBC's huge losses in China. This newsletter dovetails nicely with what Cobra has been tirelessly saying all this while.

Source: Simon Parkes

Welcome to the September newsletter. The two most important items are the upcoming potential economic impacts and the recent meditation undertaken by the connecting consciousness group in relation to the hadron collider.

Last Monday Damien McBride former special advisor to the past Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, tweeted that in his opinion an economic collapse 20 times greater than the collapse in 2008/9 was imminent.  He went on to tweet that people should stock up on tinned food and bottled water building a stock to cover them for one month.  He also said that people should draw out their money from the banks.  Those who have been following me over the past year will know that I have also been concerned about the disruption to food and fuel supplies which could last for 1 month.  I have never sought to raise fear or bring worry to already busy people’s lives, I have however sought to alert and flag up issues which have come to my attention. 

Towards the end of this September a new wave of energy is scheduled to bath the planet and break the status quo.  For 2 ½ years our planet has been shrouded in a blanket of heavy negative reptilian energy, we are in effect in a stale mate situation and human consciousness is somewhat behind schedule in its development.   This new energy wave should get things moving again in a more positive manner.  The best information I have is the effects over the globe will be markedly different; the only location in Great Britain that I am concerned about is London.  London is dependent on the power house of ‘fake’ money generated by the city of London. 

Over a year ago I said that it might be wise to stock up on 1 months of tinned food and water for any forthcoming troubles so how delighted I am that Damien McBride, an establishment figure, is replicating what I and others have already been saying.  Concerning our close friends in America I am indeed concerned that events could take a more physical/violent turn.  California now is in its 7th year of drought, Texas is seeking to set up its own currency and China whom America relies on for trade now on its second devaluation: these and other markers I take to show that this autumn/fall have the potential to show great change. 

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