05 September 2015

Star Gates "Cycled Down" and Newsletter ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 3 September 2015

So glad to see this update ~ "something" definitely happened but I didn't know what. It was as if there was an electronic interference in the transmission, and things went wonky for a bit, and re-started again on a slightly "different" frequency. I was thinking that perhaps it had something to do with this video from Dutchsinse (Large Microwave Energy Pulse Hitting Planet Earth). I still have no idea if this pulse is related to Lisa's update, or whether its source is Cosmic or from Haarp.

Anyway, please read what Lisa has to say about the constantly developing scenario of our Cosmic life; it's good that she also mentions salt and (complex) carbohydrates. Lots of helpful stuff, thanks Lisa!

Link for this update below; at the same time, Lisa has also released a newsletter, which you can read here.

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

Yesterday the Star Gates "cycled down" to take many back to old dimensions to trigger and clear. By night-time all had been raised in frequency throughout the day where the Unified Field activated and connected back up, always in a higher frequency than before.

LightBody tuning now occurs throughout most days. A blast of light or continual stream for "hours", all of the cells moving and emitting, working through the physical structure as it comes more online and alive in every moment. Bones and teeth continue to expand and contract. Muscles adjusting, as the density and pliability of all continue to transform with the genetic upgrades that have activated over these last many months. More water for our "organic bodies", more salt (potato chips for the carbs necessary for this part of the process too), the sugar we fed our Crystalline LightBodies for fuel while our neural pathways and more activated/opened up, now not tolerable much of the time, especially when the teeth are porous, it actually hurts.

The entire physical structure releasing water first through a crystalline mist, that some days turn to actual huge droplets, just like plants, and other moments pouring water, yet urination ceases as the organs transform how all functions with all going crystalline now. The separation we once held throughout our physical bodies going/gone, how we function now, physically changing in every moment.

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  1. Interesting! That seems to explain the unusual "twinges" I've been feeling in my left thigh lately. I usually keep my phone in that pocket and kept thinking it was vibrating from a text or call...but when I'd check there was nothing. Then I noticed it was happening at times when the phone was not even IN my pocket. It seems to be happening more and more, I notice.

    Bring it on, Universe!!!


    With Love,


    1. Once more, altogether now.....BRING IT ON, UNIVERSE!!! :)

      Much Love,