14 September 2015

State of the World: September 2015 ~ Enter The Rubicon ~ Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone at his best.....yet again! Thank you to Lee Binder for sending it to me ~ I haven't been listening or reading anything from Sacha Stone for quite a while, so this was much appreciated

I've found it ironic that they tell the public that Cern is for discovering the "god particle", which is not altogether untrue if they are creating a portal for their god's "return". And as per Simon Parkes, it's also used to disrupt our connection to Source, as well as the energies of the Galactic Wave/The Event (sorry, I just want to avoid "Wave-X"...sounds too cern-y).

Cross the Rubicon and don't look back!

Source: New Earth Media

In the old Andalusian tradition there is a term ‘duende’.

It was popularized by the Spanish revolutionary poet Garcia Lorca not long before he was blindfolded against a wall and took a bullet in the heart, by men in costume just doing their job. It is a word with almost indecipherable meaning, for it describes the ineffable madness of an artist, a people, a time, a space….when no-thing makes sense any longer. Where the diabolic and the ecstatic face one another….unmoving…..unflinching.
In mid September 2015 we are living through just such a time. Lorca would have felt alive.

The stand-off could not be more contrasted….more awful and more geometrically precise, as our world takes a final indrawn breath, before social, economic, ecological and psycho-spiritual chaos is loosed upon it.

The Shemitah seven year cycle which has a spooky tendency to augur crashes, crises and calamities, falls upon us at this time, coinciding with a disturbing host of confluencing events and circumstances – which, experience teaches us, would behoove us to prepare for a perfect storm. These events and circumstances have, in the main, been ritualistically engineered by clever minds wielding dark-hearts over long spans of time, with terrible consequence intended for people and planet.

That is not to say any of this Saturnian nonsense will pan out.

For it so happens that a gamma photonic wave of proportionate majesty is also headed directly at people and planet at this time, inviting an antithetical outcome to any Armageddon time-line being dreamt up by enemies of Man. This ‘wave X’ phenomenon is the great deliverer of vibral light….of ‘grace’ in our time, intended as both redeemer and destroyer. If ever we toyed with the conundrum of free-will versus destiny, this event-horizon provides us with the perfect Zen koan.

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