20 September 2015

Sweeping Changes ~ A Small Fragment of Solara's September 2015 Surf Report

Source: The Nvi,sible

Sweeping changes are taking place all over the world. It's like a gigantic broom that is sweeping up all the dirt that has been hiding in the forgotten corners of the planet. Now we have to honesty face the consequences of our actions and inactions. And even if we have been honest and integrous in our own lives; it's now time to honesty deal with the actions and inactions of the collective, for we are all part of the ONE.

These Sweeping Changes are not just happening to "others" - people separate from us; they are affecting absolutely everyone, whether we realize it or not. We really can't isolate ourselves from what's going on in the world anymore, even if it's not happening where we live. We can't passively ignore the sufferings of others, while we focus solely on our careers, our "spiritual" practices and being entertained so we don't get bored.

From the very beginning, September feels much better than August. An extremely heavy energy has lifted. The Band of Distortion that affected us throughout August is gone. This doesn't mean that September will be calm or without challenges; it won't be. It will be full of massive, SWEEPING CHANGES - changes large and small, changes that affect many elements of our lives and the world we live in -- Tsunamis of Change.

At times, this will be very challenging. Occasionally, we may be rocked to our foundation. Yet, we will be able to deal with whatever happens in a much smoother, more grounded manner than we could in August.

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