27 September 2015

Expectations - The Council via Ron Head - 23 September 2015

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Source: Oracles and Healers

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The Council
We wish to discuss today the expectation of, and the reality of, this expected ‘portal’ of ascension that many of you are placing your hopes upon. We think it is a topic that should be understood now so that you do not continue to set yourselves up for such disappointments as you seem to repeatedly do.

In the latter part of your year of 2012, you did this same sort of thing. You built up your expectations and emotional investment to a point that would have been very hard to satisfy, even were most of them to be fulfilled.

Now, it is a good thing to be excited by possibilities. Your emotion is indeed a driving force that cannot be overestimated. It is a high vibration to be in. But placing it on things that are little more than wishful thinking, based upon things that are not in alignment with universal law, will always lead to your disappointment and a sudden lowering of your vibration. Do you see? That which thrives on your low vibrational states could hardly wish for more.

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  1. It's very simple: the sources of those channelers that do proclaim dates, are fake. They are either somewhere in one of the lower astral planes, or even worse, some cabal/ illuminati via remote control, as explained by Corey Goode. Or these channelers don't have a source at all, but are making their channelings up, unconsciously ('wishful thinking'), or consciously..

    So from now on, no more dates. Simple as that :)

    1. Yep, agree :) Much as I would like for the transition to happen yesterday, it cannot take place until WE are ready. Much still depends on us.....watch out for EM's webinar, he explains that as well. Basically what Cobra has been saying.