09 September 2015

The Final Equinox-Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway ~ Sandra Walter ~ 8 September 2015

This is a great post, very helpful for the coming weeks leading to the Equinox and Blood Moon.

Source: Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Significantly higher frequency light has been consistent since the Cosmic Trigger at the end of August. I AM sure you are experiencing the wild and wonderful aspects of this influx. It launched us into the completion of this two-year project of Equinox – Blood Moon Eclipse Gateways. While it is by no means a final gateway, it is interesting to see so many awakened to this project as it reaches completion. This tetrad of Gateways activated the embodiment phase of Christ Consciousness, and for many of you the reality of the Golden Race upon Gaia has become quite vivid.

It is important to stay focused as anxieties – and rampant sensationalism – attempt to distract from this project’s true purpose. Many of you remember the beginning of this tetrad in early 2014; the entrance of energies which would accelerate the Shift for those choosing to Ascend. The completion of this tetrad sends Gatekeepers into a new phase of service work, while simultaneously supporting embodiment of the new consciousness. In the last few articles, it was revealed that the Solar Cosmic Christ templates, which have been used as a path to embodiment thousands of years, are being alchemically transformed by the collective. We are creating something brand new which supports the evolution of consciousness, as well as the dissolvement of that which does not serve a new Universal agenda of uncompromised Peace.

Spiritual Maturity

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