07 September 2015

The Love Waves of September Are Here Now : The Third Wave ~ Diane Canfield ~ 6 September 2015

A dear Soul alerted me to Diane Canfield's "wave report" and I see that she has a newer one out as well. She reports that we are now in the 3rd wave.

While I'm only vaguely familiar with Diane Canfield, I'd like to post what she has to say because I've been feeling like a walking electrical circuit over the past few days and yet feeling very "light" (or "good", "happy", or a combination of all three), and Diane's message certainly makes a whole lot of sense to me. Whether or not these wave series are "THE" ones is something I don't know.

Source: Diane Canfield

The Waves of Love have now fully commenced upon Gaia and all of its inhabitants. For the last 2 days we are being bombarded with intense waves, energies and DNA upgrades.
The night before last we were upgraded with the first Wave of September, then last night a new wave came in. Today Sunday another wave has come in. These waves are all connected and are propelling us into the higher frequencies.

The HUGE upgrade taking place is that of pure LOVE. Compassion for all living things is now upgrading to be able to reach its peak. The peak has not been attained yet but we are now on our way.

How will this manifest and play out ? You will now see others acting in compassionate caring ways you have not witnessed before. You will feel more loving and caring to others. If you see someone being hurt by something you will be called to reach out and take some action to make them feel better. Their pain is ALL of our pain.

For some who have never experienced this it will be a new level of awareness. For those of us that are empaths, it will be heightened and most in the spiritual community and truly following spiritual wisdom are indeed empaths. What is happening is EVERYONE now is becoming empathic.

This is a world of LOVE for everyone and everything. There is no better world or reality than this. Tap into this wave of love coming in and become ONE with it. This is the reality of 5D and above that we have all been manifesting and now it is finally coming in.

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