25 September 2015

Time, Timing and "D" Waves

Roll With It ~ Johanna Wright

Please note that this personal post has nothing to do with The Event/Galactic Wave (okay, maybe just a teensy bit) ~ it's just my thinking-out-loud sharing which I do now and then, depending on how much I'm "nudged". Written in first-person, my opinions only :)

Time / No-Time
Time. Or is it No-Time? Time and time again (pun unintended) I learn that Time is an illusion, in the sense that it's "elastic", malleable. That it's a corridor that I go through. That it's a frequency. I still don't understand its constructs and workings, and I probably will never fully comprehend the higher dimensional mechanics of Time in the current state of existence I'm in. Complete understanding probably requires a "higher mind", so for now my comprehension is limited to experiences only.

And oh-my-goddess, have the experiences been really unusual. Well, even more unusual than usual. Time is getting "blurred", with the days all running into each other. Periods where I lose time, and others where time seems to stand still. I'm usually very good with remembering my schedules, but lately I have trouble remembering which day it is. "Time" just seems to be so different. Sometimes it feels like I'm being taken out of Time, and the demarcation or delineation between the days, hours, minutes, seconds....they all seem to merge into one. Times like this (again, pun unintended) I experience the past/present/future as being just one point. These moments don't last long at all, but while they do, it can get quite disorientating.

Much Energy Expended for Physical Existence
One "side-effect" of this blurring or merging of Time is my realisation that it takes a lot of energy and effort to maintain this physical existence. When I get disoriented with the merging or blurring of Time, I had to physically muster lots of energy, with quite a bit of effort, to "return". This to me means that as a Collective Consciousness, we must be expending huge amounts of our energy to maintain our reality. All that effort and energy, every second of every individual's time....focused either consciously or sub-consciously, creating, maintaining and sustaining this physical existence. This must be yet another cause of energy depletion in people, and the reason why Humanity is so heavily programmed to "invest" intensively in upholding this paradigm.

Imagine....what would happen if enough of us remove our focus on this reality, either through meditation or visualisation, or even physically removing our "support" by exiting the Matrix? The fabric of this reality would begin to weaken and disintegrate, and if enough of us do this regularly, it would continue to de-construct.

In that moment, I felt a quick flash of deeper understanding of creation and how our focus and energy affects what we create. They were no longer mere words or "-isms" ~ I actually experienced the energy of creation.

However, I would have to add, for the sake of clarity, that to simply ignore or deny the existence of that which is to be un-created simply does not work. There is a protocol which mandates that the construct to be un-created needs to be acknowledged and sufficiently understood before it can be successfully de-constructed. But that is another whole topic altogether, which necessitates further contemplation, and I'm digressing :)

The Week That Was
The unfolding of this week was very much welcomed by me. I was very uneasy for much for the week before last. This feeling was all the more very pronounced because I had been feeling very "light" earlier on. I got the message "The war is intensifying" quite a few times; the refugee situation in Europe obviously was a reason, but I know that it meant more than that. It was like some "zones" had escalated to critical or peak levels. Thankfully, the pressure eased considerably since the start of this week.

Being Monitored
For a couple of weeks now, I've been getting the sense that I'm being "monitored". And not just me ~ I feel that we're being watched or closely studied. I don't have more details except that I know it's not malevolent. It's like our thinking, attitudes, actions and reactions are being keenly monitored. To see how ready or prepared we are? Perhaps. Which brings me to the next point....

Distractions and Drama
Currently, I see numerous waves of distraction and drama hitting quite hard. There were several instances where I've found myself having to act quickly to stem the tide of drama when I'm interacting with others, or to quell the swell of distractions that are around me. It doesn't matter in what form they present themselves, distractions and drama are rampant at the moment. I believe it's not a good idea to get too distracted from our path right now, because each moment presents us with the grand opportunity to move ever closer towards birthing our New Reality. I'm quite adamant that we can't really afford to get off-course at this point in time, not when we are so close, and certainly not when there's very little room for "mistakes" that may result in setbacks.

Data, Data Everywhere
A LOT of sources have been coming out with a tidal wave of information pertaining to the end-September scenario. This ranges from outright dematerialisation of the physical body to ascend, vibrating at a higher frequency and still in the physical, to nothing happening at all.

Then there's the timing for the Great Shift ~ when will it happen? And is it instantaneous?  Some say a couple of years, some say over two generations....! It sure sure feels very much like the week before 21 December 2012! Since I made the mistake of investing heavily in a particular outcome that time, I'm riding this period out much better. I'm holding the intention for, and working towards the highest outcome possible, but I won't be holding my breath.

At the same time, there's a flood of data coming out that helps the Disclosure process. Again, differing versions with vast contradictions sometimes.

I find that I just need to read, listen or watch whatever comes my way without becoming too obsessed, or allowing myself to get too distracted, or get caught up in some unnecessary drama. By the way, just for the record, I did get very involved in a stream of information from one source some months ago, got caught up in the drama, and had to walk away. It didn't end well.

This is the last "D" Wave :)  Dreams, for me, have become very "ordinary" while at the same time my waking moments have become more dream-like. Can be very disconcerting sometimes. It's my belief that during dream-time now, I'm tapping into the cleansing and clearing of the Collective Consciousness. Seemingly mundane and ordinary characters (most of whom I know) with correspondingly normal "plots" which are based on problem-solving or resolution of some sort.

I initially planned to include one more sub-topic here, to do with timelines. However, since this is already so long, I'll do that in a post of its own.

Stay on course, dear Light Family! Ride the waves and be unwavering in our purpose to help birth the New!


  1. Thank you for all of this important update about the current situation! I completely agree with everything you note; especially how we are being "monitored" right now. I sense that so many ET eyes are on this planet right now that we are all living The Truman Show!! LOL! Very nice update and much appreciated!

    1. Thank YOU for letting me know that you sense the "monitoring" as well, Mitchell! That's important for me to know :)


  2. Hi Grace, Not sure if you've seen this, but it is some sane words...



    1. Ooh, thanks Hiraa :) I hadn't read that before, but I'm glad you sent me the link....good post but I think lots people won't be happy reading it!

  3. I too have to agree, I don't sense any malice, I think as you say, we are being prepared for whats to come and are in good hands in spite of all the disinfo circulating, thank you for the info and grounding.

    1. I believe that as long as we stay centred and don't lose ourselves, we won't go far wrong :)
      Blessings, Grace