29 September 2015

Timelines, "When" and ALL THAT HEALING!

Happy Soul Vibes
This is supposed to be the continuation of my previous personal post. I had intended to write earlier, but obviously I didn't get around to it until now.

And "now" being a very magical time indeed! I'm aware that there's a huge belief that the much-anticipated "Wave" was supposed to peak yesterday, but I feel that it was only the beginning of the biggest wave to hit us... yet. While I don't know when it would peak, I'm leaning towards what Cobra said about October-December being the timeframe for this peak. If it was supposed to have peaked yesterday, I didn't feel anything significant apart from a painful and pressurised headache that thankfully wasn't a migraine (and that was quickly healed with my healing mat, Himalayan salt drink followed by a grounding meal), more pronounced mini-electric-prickling on the skin, especially in the fingers, and extreme sleepiness. I even slept through my alarm for yesterday's meditation...yikes! It's never happened before!!

The main aim of this post is threefold:
  • Assurance that we're definitely on track for the Great Shift (just a matter of "when")
  • A lot of the "when" depends on us
  • Putting things into perspective and therefore some "encouragement" for those who keep asking "when".
On to timelines. For this, I would need to point you to an earlier post about Timelines, and how I saw them being healed ("Ancient Timelines"), because the information there is related to this post. Also, familiarity with EM Ibrahim Hassan's information (and Cobra's) may be helpful, although not a pre-requisite.

I would also need to mention that I was a bit hesitant to write this because I need to touch a little bit on EM Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Flare's webinar last Tuesday, which will be uploaded to their site when it's ready, and at the time of writing, it's still not there. So I hope they don't mind, I'll just refer to it minimally. By the way, if you are interested in the Bigger Picture, I recommend watching the recording if you had missed the webinar.

So....timelines. EM Ibrahim confirmed that we are already on a new timeline, and that it's the positive one leading to Ascension (yayand double yay !). However, he didn't see end-September as the time when the transition would occur, more about that later. He did think that it's possible for that to occur sometime in the remaining months of 2015.

The biggest news (to me, at least!) that he announced was that the Cosmic Anomaly had finally been healed, after millions of years of trying. Prime Creator successfully re-connected to this region on 31 August, and things are set to rapidly accelerate forwards.

I have featured other sources on this blog who have said the same thing, that this Anomaly is as old as the creation of this area itself. And now, to know that it's finally healed, well.....that, to me, is indescribably and incredibly fantastic!!

Now, think about that for a moment.....MILLIONS OF YEARS of trying to heal this anomaly. Here on Planet Earth, hundreds of THOUSANDS of years of control and manipulation to undo. All involving untold numbers of Beings over eons of time....

************* Pause for effect *************

With this perspective in mind, it would be helpful that we exercise plenty of patience if we don't wake up tomorrow to a world hugely transformed. In relative terms, it can be said that our collective level of consciousness is rising at a record rate. In just three years, post-2012, so much positive development has occurred, if we just give ourselves a chance to look. People are becoming more aware in droves, and pertinent information is pouring out through so many avenues.

Yes, of course if we compare the current situation with one that is free from domination and control, we still have quite a long way to go (but not necessarily taking a long time). However, remember that this "history" goes back innumerable lifetimes ago.... and in just this one lifetime, so much has been accomplished. Putting things into perspective would greatly improve our understanding of the situation.

So now we come to the "when". Just as Cobra and some others have repeatedly told us, Ibrahim reminded us that what we do has a direct impact on the "when". Standing and operating from our sovereignty as a creator being, doing what we can to contribute positively to the process, continuing with our inner work (perhaps participating in the weekly meditation?)....In other words, doing whatever it takes, doing our part, doing what works.

The way I see it, this is not the time for blame, revenge or getting even. Not the time to operate from their mindset. Not the time to drop to their level. The situation can

If we want the "when" to be "asap" then we need to prepare the stage ourselves and get it ready so that the Greatest Cosmic Event can finally begin. This we most certainly can do, not just for ourselves as individuals, but also as indirect contribution to the Collective Consciousness. The "goal" is within our grasp, it's not something that's impossible to achieve. It's up to us, the Human Race of Earth, to play our part ~ no matter how big or small the gesture, no matter how profound or ordinary the contribution, no matter how major or minor the effect ~ and create a positive impact on this Ascension timeline.

We, as conscious creator Beings, wield great influence on the timeline. We can make our choices count.



  1. huge news on the anomaly - thanks

    1. Welcome :) Just to let you know, that webinar is now uploaded. Blessings