09 September 2015

Two Groups of Warriors ~ Kryon via Lee Carroll ~ Reposted from June 2013


I was searching for some information on my blog, and came across this from June 2013, and wanted to re-post it. Lee says "This short little parable is one of my favorites. Much is hidden here regarding what we are supposed to do with the gifts of God in this new age. Enjoy!"
This is also one of my favourite Kryon parables from the book in the late 90s.
Two Groups of Warriors
By Lee Carroll & Kryon

It seems that there were two groups of warriors on a certain place on the planet Earth. Each group knew of the new gifts of God in the new age, and each group comprised warriors of the light. They understood their contracts and knew that there were dark forces at work that would like to prevent them from completing their personal goals. So they called on God for the gifts of the new energy, and each warrior received his package as requested.

Each package given to the warriors was personal, and each contained three items: a sword, a shield, and some body armor. The sword represented truth and could never be broken. Truth is pure, and the sword was, also, offering a perfect defense against the deceptions of the dark ones.

Please read the rest here.

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