12 September 2015

We Are Not Helpless Pawns ~ Guruji Krishnananda ~ 11 September 2015

Everyday Getting Better
Source: Revolution By Light

(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

We are presently going through the transition into the Light Age. The whole Universe is watching our world with great interest because, several things are being tried here for the first time. If the results are good, they may adopt these methods on other earths. Entering the New Age this time is very, very special.

In this context, someone asked me, “Are we just pawns in this great play or experimentation?”

There are some who believe in the philosophy that the Universe works through us; we have no role to play; there is nothing that we need to do. But the Light Masters say, “No, you are not just passive pawns. You are much more than that.”
We have the gift of Freewill. We are co-creators.

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