18 September 2015

Webinar Announcement: The Latest Developments that Lead to The Event ~ EM Ibrahim Hassan ~ 17 September 2015

**Update: A wonderful Soul has provided (via comment below) very helpful information in the form of a useful one-click time-calculator for your local time:

You can also request for a recording if you cannot attend at that time.

Many thanks to Lee Binder for helping, very much appreciated

If you are interested, please register at The World of Truth.The webinar is provided gratis but you could also make a donation.


  1. I created an event time announcer for one-click calc to your local time zone (IP related): http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=The+latest+developments+that+lead+to+the+event+-+Webinar+|+theworldoftruth.org&iso=20150922T13&p1=1440&ah=2&am=30 (yes, GMT = UTC).

    Whoever cannot attend, might want to add to the recording request at http://theworldoftruth7.blogspot.de/2015/09/webinar-latest-developments-that-lead.html?m=1#comment-form

    1. Much gratitude for the time tool and the extra info, Lee ❤