12 October 2015

80th Knowledge Seekers Workshop ~ M Keshe ~ 25 September 2015

This is a potential script flipper! May Keshe and his foundation accomplish what Tesla was prevented from achieving. Mark the calendar..... 16 October 2015!!

M Keshe has set out a stunningly bold plan that will finally level the playing field for all of Humanity, with special focus on Africa, which is not heavily connected to the so-called "energy" grid. He is ready to offer free energy devices to Humanity in exchange for Peace.

At the 3rd Ambassador meeting on 16 October 2015 in Rome, he will distribute to each ambassador (as he has done before to governments via USB stick) the blueprints for the power units. There will also be representative personally presenting the working units to Presidents Obama and Putin, as well as the Presidents of Iran, Nigeria, Ghana, China and one other (I couldn't determine which country). At the same time, 1000 units would be randomly distributed in Phillipines and another 1000 units similarly in Italy. A generator unit would be given to Africa.

I haven't been following the workshops as often as I should to gain a better understanding of the technology, so I won't be able to write meaningfully about it. Basically, it has to do with the totality of the plasma field around us (and in us, because plasma exists in all cells, and is therefore the common denominator). If I understand correctly, working with plasma is also a means by which ET spaceships function, as well as what much of their technology is based upon. Keshe didn't call his learning centre "Spaceship Institute" for nothing! This technology totally discards the old notion of electron transfer.

The user is able to determine the purpose for which the device is being used, eg generate power, food, motion, materials. I assume this means "replicator". The overriding objective is to place the control back into the hands of the individual, thereby breaking and completely ending the domination of the Cabal.

This power unit is "just the beginning", promises Keshe.

Please watch the presentation here. I'm halfway through and will add more if necessary.

That's the power unit, less than 1 kg!

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