27 October 2015

Compilation of All 50 Messages from Sasquatch (and Message #50) ~ Kewaunee & Kelly Lapseritis and DawaOutah LomaKatsi

Here are the various links where you can find the complete compilation of all 50 messages from Sasquatch :

There is also a complete compilation in pdf format if you wish to download the entire collection to re-read. You just need to click the box on this page, and the download will automatically start. Many thanks to Tomas Qubeck for making this available.

Since I haven't yet posted Message #50, here is the link at DawaOutah LomaKatsi's page, for those who have already read all the previous 49 messages.

I had really immersed myself in these message since I first started following them fairly recently. I wasn't at all sure if there was a specific number of messages, but I was hoping that they would be continuing in the form of guidance as we move along our Ascension path. I felt more than just a pang of sadness that the messages have now ended, because in this short period of time, I had definitely come to appreciate the beautiful, raw and highly evolved energies of the Sasquatch.

Thank you to Kewaunee & Kelly Lapseritis, and DawaOutah LomaKatsi for sharing these messages with us. Thank you to the Sasquatch for your guidance and Love.