19 October 2015

Conversations with Sasquatch ~ Part 45 ~ DawaOutah LomaKatsi

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It is interesting to note in this latest message that the Face on Mars is identified as being that of Sasquatch, whose race assisted the Star Elders in repelling the Archons on Mars. We are told here that the monument was created in their honour. I would also mention that according to Zecharia Sitchin, the Face on Mars was to commemorate Alalu, an Anunnaki leader.

PS. I should probably mention that the Sumerian Tablets have been said to be "tampered", and are therefore not authentic, although Sitichin's interpretation is largely accurate. The Anunnaki chronicled in the Tablets are Reptilian, but the Face on Mars looks humanoid. In other words, the Martian monument resembles the Sasquatch more than a Reptilian.

Source: DawaOutah LomaKatsi

Sasquatch said:

''My Sasquatch People was created in the Agartha, the underworld below the intergallactic cities of our Star Elders, around fifty million years before your Human People, in a time when Earth was recovering from a series of cataclysms and climate changes. We were created in a land known to you as Lemuria or Mu, which covered in its earliest and largest extent, a good part of the Pacific South-West and half of the Indian Ocean, with Autranesia being its remaining land masses above water. It consisted in the largest portion of the former continent of Austra, which included Africa, Antartica and South America.''

''When the artificial moon of the Archons crashed in the North Atlantic, the surrounding land masses suffered from severe seismic activities for ages, while on the opposite side of the planet, in Lemuria, the volcanic eruptions considerably extended and enlarged the land masses. After ages, the continents stabilized, but Lemuria was the first one to see its ecosystems reflourish and life fructify and thrive.''

''In the dharmic way of the Cosmic Order, it is understood that the elimination of a physical threat, like an invading army, is but a temporary measure bringing only a short term solution, but postponing the ultimate resolve of the problems. The hundreds of millions of souls forming the armies of the lower lords, on their destroyed artificial moon and former planet Appollyon, still had to continue their evolutionary process. Some were sent back to the star systems they were brought from, others scattered through space like lost souls, most got captured by the Archons in their surviving underworld bases.''

''The destruction of the metallic moon Tiamat and of planet Maldek had definitively ended the invasion of the lower lords and protected Earth from falling under their domination. But they kept their hold on large parts of the underworld, were they kept waging war to spread their domain, and from where they launched at times surprise attacks on some outposts of the Star Council. Also, their survivors on Mars, with the few star gates they operated, still posed a long term threat that needed to be prevented fast.''

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