09 October 2015

Conversations With Sasquatch (Parts 36 - 40) ~ DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ 9 October 2015

**Update: These messages are also updated on the following two websites:

These are the latest additions to the on-going messages from Sasquatch. The title is different to the others, so apologies for any confusion. As a general rule, I stick as much as possible to the title used by the source.

Source: One United Nation for the Great Earth Peace

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 36)
Sasquatch said:

''With any account your hear of events you have not directly witnessed or experienced, you can never be sure of its accuracy and details. What you can be sure of, is that every reality described is possible. The long past events that have not involved directly your specie's Soul may be less relevant for you to know, but they can bring you a greater understanding, useful to your own Soul's spiritual evolution.''

''If you have listened to our message this far, you now understand that the evolution of intelligence and spiritual consciousness on this home-planet Earth, as in the whole Omniverse, is far from being limited to the short history of your Human People. You understand that the conception and creation of your people was part of a much longer Soul evolution experiment process, stretched over countless aeons.''

''You also understand by now that peaceful, spiritual inter-species relations, can only be conducted in a non-judgemental approach, with the Universal Consciousness perspective of the equality of every soul. You realize that all species and souls, regardless of their ways, play an important role in the equation. None can be defined with simplified general observations; all have known diverse complex realities.''

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  1. Can´t read it fully as I don´t have a Facebook account. Can somebody please tell the source page owner to make the page public also to those who do not want to log into Facebook. Thanks.

    1. Hi Omat, the fb page is private because of requests from people who don't wish their comment to appear on their own fb page. (Or something like that ~ I'm not familiar with fb myself, I just joined not too long ago so that I could access Sisterhood of the Rose.) So it's going to remain private.

      I checked their website and see that they have added some more parts, although not this new batch. I can only suggest that you check their site because they have said that they will add to it.

      Link: http://sasquatchpeople.com/2015/09/29/sasquatch-message-for-humanity/

      Hope this helps, Blessings

  2. Thanks Grace for the link! It´s a very interesting website. Heli

    1. You're welcome! I contacted the website owner (Kelly) and she confirms that she'll be updating over there as well. She also gave me another link: