15 October 2015

Conversations With Sasquatch (Parts 41 - 44) ~ DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ 14 October 2015

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Sasquatch said:

''With all the millions of different, ever transforming life forms on this home-planet Earth, no limited mind could know or even imagine them all. If we were to learn about two hundred new species every day, a century wouldn't be enough to cover all the species recorded by your limited science, amounting to a mere tenth portion of all existing species. This is without mentioning the even more numerous species that used to live on Earth, but have vanished long ago, mostly through mass extinction events.''

''If we transpose this reality to an intergallactic scale, with the myriads of planets bearing biological life, the vast diversity of life forms inhabiting this whole Omniverse is beyond all mind comprehension. It is impossible to know or to describe all forms of life and it would not be necessary nor really useful.''

''All those infinitely diversified life forms serve but one purpose: the evolution of Soul consciousness. The short lasting biological incarnations are temporary vessels for the Soul consciousness to evolve. They all are born, grow, age and die within a short span of time, to be then recycled by other life forms. Over ages, species transform, diversify, appear and go extinct, but all return to molecular star dust.''

''From this Universal perspective, physical life forms, species and individual incarnations are just stepping stones for the Soul to carry on its growing, learning and healing journey through time-space, towards higher levels of consciousness. Their multitude and multiple various forms matter little in the bigger picture; it is their end and the greater purpose of their existence that gives significance to the whole process of biological incarnation, which is meant for spiritual consciousness to raise higher.''

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