15 October 2015

Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 3: Special Report: The Gonzales Enigma ~ Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock ~ Justin Deschamps ~ 14 October 2015

I just watched this episode of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaiam TV and wanted to feature it here because of the topics discussed. Although the title of the episode implies that it's mainly about Gonzales, much more is covered that I felt would be of interest. Don't worry if you aren't subscribed to Gaiam TV, because thankfully Justin Deschamps from SITS has the transcript, as well as his own contributions. Justin's work is extensive, with additional information and relevant links given.

This may be an irrelevant point to many, but it was something that I hugely appreciated because I hadn't realised it before, and that is the comparison Justin made between Deanna Troi assisting Picard in negotiations (because she's an empath) and the IEs (Intuitive Empaths) that accompany Corey and Gonzales, for the similar purpose of detecting deception or danger.

I'd also like to mention that the significance of the Human Race has been adequately covered by sources such as Noel Huntley, Andrew Bartzis and Judy Satori. It's all about our DNA. Generally, our DNA will allow us to traverse and live anywhere in the Multiverse, instead of being limited to the specific dimensional reality as dictated by our DNA. There is also the issue of Soul retrieval across the dimensions, "lost" or fractured Souls as a result of terrible Cosmic wars over the eons. It is our DNA, with each advancing root race, that will eventually enable the complete rescue and great healing of such Souls. Some details are covered here (DNA, DNA, DNA) if you are interested to pursue further. I'm certain there are way more sources than I've mentioned!

And lastly, could the "Natural Law" that Corey referred to be Universal Laws?

Please proceed to Stillness in the Storm for the transcript; many thanks to Justin's admirable effort in putting all this together.

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