13 October 2015

Discovering Organic Technology ~ Sheldan Nidle ~ 23 August 2012

After M Keshe's announcement for the impending roll-out of his plasma devices, I was very glad to see this in PAO's newsletter. Colleen also talked about Keshe, and included this short clip which features Sheldan discussing replicators, communicators and healing devices. I remember attending this webinar and feeling yet again that if none of the progressive and organic technology were suppressed over the past 100 years, that's the sort of society we would be having now......abundance and health for ALL. And that is exactly why Keshe has devoted 14 years of his life to bring the plasma technology out!!

I would also like to add that replicators are not just a convenient prop or useful sub-plot in Star Trek ~ Corey Goode has mentioned them being used in the SSP, and if memory serves, Drake confirmed that as well, when David Wilcock interviewed him way back in 2012.

Please watch Sheldan's video here.Thank you to Colleen for this :)


  1. Wow! Another deception, Sheldon (GFL) tells its an organic device, but it s not , study the replicator its same as what we see in Star Trek, he uses New age words like consciousness and organic... but its a machine to whom you can order and it produces food,clothes etc....

    An organic way of instant object manifestation/materialization is basically using your body/mind to create an object , In terms of Physics you are basically using your own biofield to arrange the atoms/molecules around you to conform or rearrange to pattern in mind . Thats what organic is. No machines required, the real monks can do it, so are some native shaman's even today, alas they wont make a youtube video of that.

    This is just another attempt by GFL to lure us away, by giving us a machine to work with instead of we learning how to manifest things ourselves... pretty similar to smart phones vis a vis telepathy...

    But as always this is just my ramblings...


  2. @Hiraa aarih: -"just another atempt by the GFL to lure us away".
    I would take the machine so it can lure me away from paying an electric bill and eating poisonous food.