04 October 2015

Eclipse Energy ~ Kara Schallock ~ 30 September 2015

Source: Soulstice Rising

Did you have expectations about life after this series of eclipses and the Equinox occurred? Did you think and assume that all is now set in the New; our Happy-Ever-After; just to discover that life hasn’t changed all that much? It has changed, yet it takes you to see it as such. Remember, life doesn’t happen to you; we are all sovereign beings. That means that it is up to you to use New Eyes and behaviors and have new attitudes. If you are disappointed, look again and see through a new perspective. Life has changed; only if you choose to not look through your old 3D eyes. In fact, you may feel rather agitated. You see, if there is still more you need to release, then that is up for you to do. This isn’t a magic show, where you suddenly find yourself in a completely new place; yet there are those who do find themselves in a new place. They have done their work; they have let go of the old dualistic way of viewing things. They experience the Truth of the New; that of Unity Consciousness and that of a Flow in which there is no struggle or the meaningless mind chatter that holds one back in the old as if the separate ego is saying, “See? It’s not true; life is still the same old thing it always has been.”

We are in a state of flux; one day you feel as though all is flowing and the next day, Wham!...the old presents itself. Why? Because this powerful time did do a lot to help us shift more, yet if one still is acting as if nothing has shifted, that is what they will experience…that nothing has shifted. If you feel the flux, just know that that is all a part of Ascension and flow with it, attending to what still needs to be transformed. Remember that your perception is key. What you are within is what you will see in the world. It doesn’t mean you haven’t shifted; for the shifts are almost imperceptible. What is required of you is to make a decision; a decision to grow; a decision to let anything go that is not serving you or is not joyous or a decision to do and be something completely different from what you may have chosen in the past.

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