17 October 2015

Epigenetics ~ Re-Writing Our Codes ~ Andrew Bartzis

Source: Andrew Bartzis


  1. Although I have admired Andrew in the past, I can't give him credit for this one. Dr. Bruce Lipton is the author and researcher/biologist that has extensively written about this and taught us who work in the "healthy/psychology" industry. It's now been 16 years since we have known about this, I have been using several techniques to remove the memories and false paradigms of living as "victims" of genes. I needed to say this because I have been studying this new science for over 10 years now and credit should be given to the correct author.

    1. I'm aware of Dr Lipton's work on Epigenetics, so I agree! But I don't think Andrew meant to imply that he is the authority on Epigenetics; I believe he's just making a point. Just like if I were to talk about Divine Will, it won't imply that I'm the original source of that information. Blessings