04 October 2015

Errand of Mercy ~ Star Trek: The Original Series

It's been more than a year since I featured an episode of Star Trek ("Transfigurations: Next Generation") so I figure I can afford to indulge in another episode :)

This time, it's from the original crew themselves in "Errand of Mercy", which is definitely one of my all-time favourite Star Trek episodes. If you haven't watched this before, the plot is basically about Starfleet's attempts to prevent a planet from being taken over and used as a base by the Klingons.

The planet, Organia, is home to seemingly primitive and simple-minded people, who infuriate Kirk when they appear to do nothing to defend themselves from impending attack. Even when Klingons beam down onto the surface and start killing the inhabitants in cold-blood, the leaders still refuse to fight to defend themselves. Soon, the Klingons take control of the planet.

So it's up to Kirk and Spock to lead the defense and repel the attacking Klingons, backed up by the Enterprise (orbiting above Organia) and her technology. All out war is imminent.

But....just when they start to attack each other, their weaponry get red-hot, as if on fire. Even the controls on Enterprise and the Klingon war-bird become hot. No one could use any weapons!

Kirk, Spock and the Klingons are left bewildered and shocked. The leaders of Organia then explain to them that violence cannot be allowed on their planet, and asks that the "visitors". The leaders then transform into blinding Light Orbs and disappear.

That is the gist of the episode. Lots to think about, yes?

Here's a short clip of the episode. I'm sure you can find the full episode somewhere in Cyberspace....Please be warned that this episode aired in 1967, so if you are expecting lots of action and special effects, better to give it a miss. Even the Klingons had minimal make-up!


  1. always been one of my favorite episodes as well

    1. It's a true classic :) Blessings

  2. Cool. I like the one where they speed up and they move so fast that no one can see them and they sound like bugs.
    You should do a bit of trivia. For example, Majel Barret(sp?) Had 5 different rolls on star trek. She played the first officer in the original movie pilot "The Cage". 2nd, she played nurse Chapel in the original series, 3rd, she played Diana Troys Mother in TNG. 4th, she played the computer voice on TNG.
    And 5th, She played Gene Rodenberrys girlfriend in real life.

    1. Hi er...Reberto...

      Majel was a hoot as Lwaxana Troi! She must have thoroughly enjoyed that role, especially having done the computer voice. I also like that episode you mentioned....thanks for reminding me about it :)


  3. Heres another bit of trivia. The episode -The corbomite manuver-. This is the one were there is a kid with a bald head alone in a gigantic spaceship and the kid lip synced the dialog with an adult voice overdubbed. That kid was Clint Howard. Ron Howards brother.

    1. You are a true Trekker! I can only vaguely remember that episode, let alone details like that :)