02 October 2015

IBOC Section 2 Communique 2 ~ An T'Na via Gesanna ~ 26 September 2015

Source: Contact2Ascension

True Self Positive and Altered Ego positive/negative
Part 2
Stardate 09.26.2015

Greetings to all of you! It is good to be back with you again. I am An T'na, conveying to you a continuation of the Intergalactic Board of Council's previous Communique 01 of Section 2. This is Part 2.

Here is what They wish to impart at this time.

Council: We wish to proceed with our prior message regarding the difference between True Self Positive and altered ego positive, how you may come to know the difference and how to be that difference.

In order for you to find your way back to being who you Truly are, that which we call your True Self, it is essential that you understand that the nature of your True Self exists in the consciousness and energy of what we call the Singularity.

The consciousness and energy of the Singularity comprises that which we have been calling the Upper Triad. If you are unfamiliar with this larger body of information, we urge you to go back to Section 1 of our Communiqués to gain the necessary understanding before proceeding with the Communiqués being conveyed in Section 2.

For those who ascend, the Upper Triad is the realm that aligns with that which is your next level of consciousness and energy, which lies beyond that of the Lower Triad.

The nature of your True Self did not have its origin in the Upper Triad but at that which we call our True Home. This Home is beyond that which is both the Upper and Lower Triads.

The manner by which the Upper and Lower Triads came into being is a topic we shall address in later Communiqués.

Your True Self came into the Upper Triad by way of having entered therein from our place of Home.

Our place of Home is comprised of a type of consciousness and energy we call Totality. The nature of Totality Consciousness and Energy is such that it is beyond your ability to comprehend at this time. You will remember it once you have ascended to the Upper Triad.

The manner by which the True Self entered into the Upper Triad from Its Home realm shall be imparted later.

First, we must assist you to the Upper Triad by way of ascending in consciousness and energy out of the Lower Triad.

Please read on....

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