04 October 2015

Life: Post ‘Wave X’ & Blood Moon Eclipse Activation ~ Denise LeFay ~ 3 October 2015

I believe that 28 September wasn't actually the "peak" but just the beginning of the biggest wave that we've had....so far. Denise has written up details of many experiences we could be going through. I certainly can relate with the weepiness (I was going to write about that....will do it soon), mini-electric shocks and heavy head (try saline eye-soak, Himalayan sea salt drink, grounding meal).

Source: High Heart Life

With the completion of one more complex set of energetic Stair-step cycles within the overall Ascension Process cycles—in particular the 2014 through 2015 Blood Moon Eclipses and ‘Wave X’—post September 27, 2015 has automatically activated the rest of the planetary population to evolve now. It’s finally get with the Ascension Process program or leave time, and many more will be leaving now because of this. No judgements, just a case of personal choice. Not everyone intended or wanted to remain in their current physical body and evolve it, “ascend” it now from lower frequency and consciousness 3D dense Duality up vibrationally to 5D integrated Unity or Triality Light. Again, no judgement whatsoever, simply individual choice and/or a lack of greater awareness as to what’s really going on.

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