31 October 2015

Meditation for Europe, Weekly Planetary Meditation, and Personal Thoughts

Fractal Enlightenment
 ** sticky until after Sunday's (or early Monday morning,
depending where you are) meditation **

Please participate! There is adequate empirical evidence that mass meditations work very well, so no need for me to repeat that here. All I wish is to request that you please spread the word (I don't have personal social media accounts) and join in, thank you :)

Details for Europe Meditation here (please do daily if you can), and Planetary Liberation Meditation details here, and you can also see countdown timers for both on Cobra's blog.

I'm copying sections of Cobra's message regarding the meditations and the Europe crisis:
  • Although many people participated, we were far from achieving the critical mass.
  • Although thanks to the Russian intervention the plans of the Cabal for Europe and USA will NOT be successful, it is still very important for Lightworkers and Lightwarriors around the world to support peace in Europe with mass meditations. This is the most serious geopolitical situation on this planet since the end of WW2. Meditation for Europe might need to be repeated again and announced on my blog if the situation will require, and I would ask that more people support the Light at that critical moment. Also, it would be good if people who feel so guided would do this meditation daily. Aside from our meditations, what is urgently needed on the surface of this planet is a spiritual intervention of the Light forces, which will occur, as soon as the strangelet bomb threat is reduced to a manageable level.

The things that strike me the most about Cobra's recent update are:
  • The Europe situation is the most serious post-WW2
  • Our global meditations DO matter, significantly
  • Light intervention absolutely required, urgently
  • The critical mass for last week's Europe meditation wasn't achieved.

Based on personal communications with other people as well as what I've gathered from the Cyberspace grapevine, I'd like to make the following observations that I feel have contributed to the non-participation from the awakened population. Owing to the crucial nature of our current situation, I will be straightforward while maintaining as much tact as I can.

Global Meditation "Traps"
In recent years post-2012, there has been a growing belief that global meditations are "traps" or that they expose you to negative attacks. Some sources have also successfully convinced many followers that drawing in "external" Light is tantamount to giving away your personal power. It's not my intention to debate such beliefs. However, I would like to suggest the following....if you hold such beliefs which prevent you from participating in global meditations, then perhaps you could do it in your own way? Just giving your intention to send a blessing or some positive energy towards the situation in the way that suits you best, is better than doing nothing. You can look at it as acting from an empowered position, contributing positively towards the Planet and Humanity.

There Is No Such Thing as "Light Forces"
Many awakened Souls have the belief that "Light Forces" don't exist, or more to the point, that they are actually Archon-based programs meant to manipulate and fool us into keeping us imprisoned. As a result, many are actually repelled by the nature of these meditations, which have been requested by the "Light Forces", which is viewed as "false light".

Again, I'm not debating the beliefs, but again, I'd like to make a suggestion. If we were to look at the Planetary situation as well as the Europe refugee crisis, it is more than obvious that something must be done. Coming from this perspective, for those who do not believe in Light Forces, perhaps you could do your own meditation (or sending healing energies, blessings, whatever works for you) ~ that would allow you to help in your own way towards rectifying a critical condition that requires urgent assistance. And this situation needs all the assistance Humanity can offer.

"Why Are They Taking So Long?" ~ "Why Can't They Just....(fill in the blanks)...."
While I truly understand the anguished pleas from many who repeatedly ask "when?", I would also like to stress that we are already being assisted in so very many ways, especially in the past couple of decades, and specifically more so post-2012. Perhaps the most significant point I can make here is this ~ the "when", to a large degree, depends on us. This is not something people want to hear, but it must still be said. It's very challenging to liberate prisoners who don't even believe they are in prison. So the question must first be, "What can I do to help the situation?" If we actively and regularly do what we can to make the situation better, even in some small and seemingly insignificant manner, we will begin to understand the true nature of the situation, and we will no longer look at it as what "they" must do, but what "we" must first do instead.

And yes, participating in these meditations are very good first steps :)

What Difference Would One Person Make?
Short answer: Plenty. I always say that every Soul matters, every iota of Light counts.  If the time isn't suitable for you, then meditate or send your healing intention at a time that's more convenient for you. The way I look at it is that it's better to do it at a more suitable time than not at all. So definitely every positive intention makes a difference. Imagine, if enough individuals feel that they won't make a difference and therefore don't do anything, the outcome would be adversely affected.

Competing and Conflicting Camps, and Cobra
Sadly, this fractured situation still persists. So many awakened "camps", all with conflicting or competing agendas. If ALL awakened Souls can work together with the sole purpose of achieving total and complete liberation, the domination and control will utterly fail and fall apart in a matter of days. This self-sabotaging situation is self-explanatory, so I won't need to delve into details.

Finally, we have Cobra himself. I have personally faced some experiences with others who vehemently object to Cobra, a couple of which were very unpleasant. There has been (and still are) many vicious things written about Cobra, his choice of avatar name, his past....and on and on.

Please remember, this isn't about Cobra, this is about the fate of Humanity. There is a call for us to assist by participating and Cobra is the medium or avenue through which this call goes out.

At the end of the day, the important thing is this ~ we have our own belief systems (which are another form of programming), and we have a dire situation that needs our attention and active participation. They need not be connected to each other. We can make an empowered decision and "vote" for our liberation. We just need to choose to take action, in whatever manner that best suits us. It would be a terrible tragedy if we let our own beliefs stand in the way of what's truly important and what truly matters.

Thank you and Namaste!


  1. I'm with you, Grace! :)


    Always With Love,


    1. Yay!! So very glad to know that, dear Stargazer :)

      Blessings ❤

  2. of course it is natural for even severe disagreements to continue to exist while the deceptive matrix still holds some power in the 3rd and 4th dimensions

    for me personally, i can resonate with Cobra's energy signature and the integrity of his messages due to my own level of consciousness and personal energy signature

    one could say it's an awakened Pleaidian star seed thing

    i would pose the question, however, to the light worker community in general that without Cobra's explanation of the bigger picture

    one is left with a view of the universe with many holes - where certain facets of human existence become critical missing pieces of a giant puzzle

    if we star seeds and other higher dimensional beings did not volunteer to incarnate on this planet as part of a serious and urgent rescue mission

    then why on earth would we bother to put up with the suffering on this planet ?

    also - looking how little spiritual advancement humanity has made with souls incarnating for so many lifetimes over and over begs the additional question

    as to the possibility that the advancement has not been made because it has been deliberately PREVENTED

    i would conclude by saying that the presence of ETs in the plane of earthly existence is an issue that is sadly avoided by many light workers

    an avoidance that often comes from an attachment to ego as this subject will often alienate oneself from so many people who are not awake - and yet their egos still desire some degree of approval from the sleeping masses

    1. Thank you, mrpaul.....you mentioned that little word I was trying to avoid...EGO. To be more precise, spiritual ego. Imagine, if most of the major blogs/sites post Cobra's call for this mission, we would reach critical easily. Sadly, many so-called awakened ones only focus on their own needs, and do very little for the Collective. Blessings.

  3. Grace...i feel your extremely pure and positive energy signature, and this naturally flows through your blog from you...this is something I do not feel very often at this point in 'time' from many others

    about the collective, i would say that young children are perhaps doing the most right now simply by 'being' -- so many young children are holding higher dimensional energies that are off the charts (THE LITTLE CHILDREN SHALL LEAD)

    about the ET issue, I am reminded of something I recently heard James Gilliland say regarding how the existence and interaction with ETs is much more of a natural and accepted phenomenon among many peoples and cultures outside the usa

    needless to say, James' observation made my heart feel quite happy

    1. Thank you and Namaste, mrpaul....I'm deeply grateful for your kind words _/ \_

      The kids come in switched on, tuned in and Lighted up :) Re.ET issue, I feel that there is much progress there as well, given that so much has been done for so long to make sure that Humanity never gets near the truth. Ancient texts (Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, to name a few) and Native cultures have ET depictions, while in the US controls and programs are more rigorously imposed, unfortunately ~ especially with the ridicule factor. I believe that that's one of the reasons for the disparity.

      I've always believed that the ET issue is THE most feared by the Dark. If they lose control over that, they lose everything. Blessings.