20 October 2015

Messages From Sasquatch Part 46 ~ Wisdom and Messages from Our Elders

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Source: Wisdom and Messages from Our Elders

Message #46 from the Sasquatch People given to SunBow on 10/18/2015

Sasquatch said:

''Through this ever evolving consciousness over ages and aeons in the Omniverse, we learn that our beliefs are but relative explanations to satisfy our limited understanding, to which we are emotionally attached. In the bigger picture of the Multiverse and the greater equation of eternity, our beliefs are only altered versions of the reality, partially filtered by our limited perceptions and conceptions. Beliefs are thus, only relevant in the measure they influence our behaviors, attitudes and actions, and their results.''

''In this time of urgency on our-home planet, with the crippled collective memory of the Human People, it is not so important to learn or believe the whole story we just told you about our Star Elders and Elder hybrids. What matters is the spiritual understanding we are wishing to share with your People. Realize that you are not the only specie of intelligent spiritually conscious beings in the Omniverse, nor the most ancient and evolved societies; neither are you superior to all, nor the center of the Omniverse.''

''Beliefs systems suggesting that someone paid for your sins long ago, that you know the whole truth, that you have dominion over all life, so you can live carelessly without respecting other lives, that your people can do better than Nature, or that you turn to nothingness at death, do not make you responsible for your actions and their consequences on the evolution of consciousness and of your environments.''

''Some beliefs systems are suggesting that some people are inferior to you and deserve to suffer, or insisting that some souls will be saved and rewarded, while others will suffer eternally, or that only a belief in a doctrine, a magic formula or a code of laws will allow you to avoid judgment and death. Those misconceptions only keep you divided in fear, conflicts and hatred, disconnected from the Soul. Those belief systems, devised by the lower lords, keep your minds enslaved, for serving their agenda.''

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