09 October 2015

Next Phase?

Ode to Summer ~ Elspeth Mclean
This is just me, sharing.

After days and days of the Sky being shrouded in haze from peat forest fires in a neighbouring country, I am truly grateful for a clear view today. I could finally see the Sky and Sun in their full glory when I was doing the Surya Namaskar this morning, which made it even more meaningful. And that got me teary, which isn't very practical when in the middle of yoga.

I will explain more about the tears. Since the unfolding of October, I have realised a new sense of connection, or a deepening sense of connection. I've also noticed that when I consciously tap into this connection, I get teary. The feeling of rich joy and Divine Love that permeates from the very core of each cell within. It feels so familiar, yet "new". I hesitate to say this, but the only way I can describe it is that it feels like the connection to Source has strengthened. Not just "my" connection, but that of the Collective Consciousness. Whether this feeling has in some way been influenced (that is, I made it up) by what EM Ibrahim Hassan said about individuals now being able to connect with Source, I can't say for sure. What I do know is that there is definitely a stronger sense of connection to the Divine in everything I see around me.

I had a dream that I wanted to write about it but somehow never quite got to it, and actually forgot about it after a few days. Then recently, I had another dream which was related to the first one ~ that's why I forgot all about writing about it, because I had to wait for this other one.

Dream 1. Droves and droves of people were streaming into a formation that looked like a sacred geometry spiral. At the same time, people were streaming out of this same formation. This movement in and out of the spiral made it look like it was turning, giving a visual of a stunning giant sacred geometry that was spiralling, made up of tiny dots of people that looked like beautiful multi-coloured gems.

This crop circle is a representation of the formation. Just imagine this as a dynamic pattern with little coloured "dots" streaming in and out at the same time.

Milk Hill Crop Circle ~ Lucy Pringle

The people leaving the spiral then proceeded to a long line of bright and shiny taxis, waiting in turn to take the individuals "home". The taxis look exactly like my local ones, jazzed up.

I understood the spiral to mean an Ascension-related process that we are all going through, it's dynamic and in constant motion. After we go through this compulsory process, we get to go "home". No, not "Home" as in our Planet of origin or whatever, but "home" to a new reality, a new "mission".

Dream 2. After we go through this process in the spiral (I feel that it's to do with some sort of "transformation"....not into Light Bodies, but perhaps a levelling-up of vibrations that require much "cleansing"...), we are "given" a new set of activation codes and transmissions. I saw this as a continuous "printing" of symbols, where the the individual's name appears on the left, and the set of codes are on the right. The name and codes appear as Light symbols; I've put together some images to give a sense of what I saw:

Left image:Bryan DeFlores; Right:We Are 1 In Spirit

So, the name is the set of codes you see on the left, and the ones on the right are the activations and transmissions. They were being "printed" out in a continuous ream to be distributed to individuals.

I feel that we'll be entering the next major phase of our Ascension process, and that it's going to be really life-changing and very transformative. However, I also feel that we all would need to be "ready" for this next phase, and that's where the Source connection comes in. I've mentioned just recently that I'm seeing the awakened going through our own turbulence, and this is part of what needs to happen. We are being rattled and shaken, yet again, in preparation for this next phase.

As always, please know that I present this from my own perspective and experience, meant for sharing, and not as "the truth". Inner guidance always!

Namaste :)


  1. Miss Grace,
    I loved this sharing and yes, I agree that we are in a place where we are deepening our connection for sure. I have felt this also and was hoping last night that you would do another post of what you are experiencing and this morning I see that you have. Wonderful! Much Love Deborah

    1. Lovely Deborah! What a pleasant surprise :) Thank you so-o-o much for validating this. We must have connected telepathically yesterday!!

      Love and Blessings, Grace (Sorry for the non-email, I'll get to that next week, with some "stuff"!)

  2. Sweet. Thank you for sharing. I dreamed last night that I was witnessing a crop circle being created by a light orb circling around. I never dreamed such.

    1. Oooh, that sounds like a most enjoyable dream! Should draw it out and see if it means anything to you :)
      Love and Blessings