28 October 2015

Q&A Cobra with Rob Potter ~ 27 October 2015

The audio for the interview is available, but the transcript isn't quite complete yet. Please check the site later if you prefer the transcript. I have yet to listen to the audio ~ I'll likely wait for the transcript. I'll add notes if necessary.

Source: The Promise Revealed

*Update: 29 October 2015
The full transcript is already posted. I will just briefly highlight some points for emphasis ~ please read the transcript / listen to the audio to get the complete picture of this interview. The notes that follow are based on the transcript ~ I've only listened to the audio in parts. Is it my imagination or does Cobra actually sound relaxed?....
  • Jesuits influence waning, when The Event occurs, they will not be able to do anything
  • "They are still reptilian but have incarnated in a human body and they have taken many of those incarnations after that in human bodies. They have forgotten, of course, like everybody else. They don’t know consciously that they are reptilians. They are just being used as puppets by the Archons and usually those reptilians tend to gravitate towards the most violent professions." Many of them now are the mercenaries of the Syrian crisis
  • Similarly, Dracos are the Cabal/Illuminati; the top echelon are aware of this
  • Pleiadians are instructing Putin, negative military confusing Tall Whites/Blonds with Pleiadians
  • Cobra stresses again that our Planet is the last to be liberated because it's the stronghold of Chimera and Archons
  • Dyson Sphere halo (ring around planet) picture is evidence of Light forces becoming stronger, and this is soft disclosure leading to actual disclosure. Such structures are huge, created by very advanced beings and used as inter-dimensional portals
  • When a civilisation is liberated from the primary anomaly, consciousness accelerates and such creations become possible as result of greater understanding of the natural laws of creation and spiritual principles of Light
  • The Event is intersection of certain cosmic cycles and its related energies, sacred geometry is also connected
  • California drought is work of Cabal
  • Pleiadians are Pleiadians and Agarthans are Agarthans (personal note: I could be wrong, but my impression from what I've read/heard over the past years is that there is a strong belief among SSP or military-type sources that almost all ET encounters (apart from Draco/Reptilians) originate from subterranean civilisations or even "us" from the future; there is very little attributed to actual off-world races)
  • Grace ~ Cobra has carefully worded his explanation for this next point, and understandably so because it could lead to misunderstanding or misinterpretation, so I will just copy the whole thing as per the transcript
  • Most of the SSP groups that you have mentioned and Corey has mentioned were actually working under the umbrella of the Illuminati network. I will say it this way. The group that Corey termed as the United Nations Galactic whatever, that group is actually the one that was the most open to the Pleiadian contact, because some of the UN diplomatic personnel was in contact with the Pleiadians. From my perspective, and from the perspective of my sources, this was the most positive group of all the SSP. The so-called corporate program and the Solar Warden space program were actually two side of the same coin that were actually created by the military-industrial complex with the Unholy Four at the top. So those groups were actually serving as a Trojan horse for the Draco invasion that happened in 1996. They were preparing the deep underground military bases for the Draco invasion. They were preparing infrastructure inside of the asteroid belt for the Draco invasion.
    They were preparing military warehouses on Charon the satellite of Pluto. They were preparing certain things on Saturn moons back in the 1990’s. But I would say apart from the top commanding structure, Illuminati commanding structure, the super soldiers and other personnel within those military and corporate space programs were, they were positive people in most cases. They were thinking they were defending the planet. They did not understand the whole agenda and the Draco invasion and the Archon invasion in ’96 was the main objective of the Solar Warden and of the Corporate space program back in ’96. Actually the split between Solar Warden and corporate space program happened after 1996. Before that time, they were basically one and the same.
    .........A few things here. First, it was very hard for the Pleiadians and any other positive races to make contact with people within those space programs, because it’s a fact, all individuals in those space programs were heavily monitored and controlled. So there was not much contact made. There were some negotiations on the top level, but those negotiations were not successful. And then after, I would say, 1999, when the Resistance Movement came to this planet, the RM had a quite strong force inside of the solar system, especially the asteroid belt, and they were beginning a house clearing operation.
    They were clearing all those Illuminati structures throughout the solar system. In the year 2012, the vast majority of this was cleared. The so-called Solar Warden program as we know it, did not cease to exist in 2012, and whatever was remaining on the dark side was just small factions and fractures connected directly to the Chimera group. All the rest of the personnel and people infrastructure crossed over to the light forces and the SSP aligned that is now inside the solar system is mostly working for the light. It’s a positive alliance.
  • Spiritual growth will be accelerated after The Event, and options will be gradually available for people to leave the Planet for other locations
  • Core of implants no longer black holes, just rotating singularities therefore much weakened, however Veil technology still present, and this has to go before The Event
  • Implants cannot be totally removed by people, they can only be mitigated to a certain degree; implants post-1996 (time of Draco invasion) tied to strangelets and plasma fields, very different situation from pre-1996
  • Rob suggests throwing a monkey wrench into Cern to destroy it (I don't blame him!) but Cobra stresses again that it's not a major threat
  • Once there is working proof of Keshe's technology, production and distribution assistance will provided
  • RM not in contact with surface population; at time of The Event, certain individuals will be contacted to assist, RM looking for leaders, not followers. Cobra advises those keen to help to go within and decide for ourselves what we can do, he just releases intel to help us in our process
  • Moldavite Chalice acts as lens for Galactic Sun energies, transmitting them to those ready to receive as appropriate (the 144,000)
  • When Sirians' attempts to densify an etheric planet failed as result of primary anomaly, it blew up ~ Cintamani stones originate from this, which happened millions of years ago
  • Celtic Cross is ancient Atlantic symbol that represents Mother Gaia
  • Reptilians mainly mercenaries, Dracos are the ones in showbiz
  • All (Archons/Dracos/Reptilians) will be given chance to cross over to Light, or sent to Central Sun; some Archons have already chosen the Light
  • Chimera come up with plans, input them into AI / Veil to compute possible solutions for implementation
  • Pecking order: (Chimera) / Archons (mostly -ve Andromedans) / Dracos / Reptilians
  • Black Nobility Archons control Jesuits, then Knights of Malta, then Rothschilds, then Khazarians
  • Strangelets and toplets? "Many, many, many have been removed"  This is the last thing to go before The Event (also the Veil, if I may add) according to Cobra's sources, but anything can happen and Cobra is not God
  • Prophet Mohammad received messages from AA Gabriel, which formed the basis of the Koran
  •  AA Michael is a galactic warrior archangel who created protective barrier to contain the darkness, but he's not the Galactic Logos, and neither is Christ
  • Every Soul born through Galactic Sun is fragment of Galactic Logos, millions of such Souls now incarnate on Planet
  • Christ originated from Sirius star system, came here to birth concept of Unconditional Love and Divine Grace, which will transform the Planet
  • EMF sensitivity caused by EMF pollution overload, and many people have reached this level now
  • Certain dragon forces working on North Korea issue, but unlikely that there will be much transformation before The Event
  • Densely populated areas carry heavier Veil energies, so good to spend time in Nature; running water will help to minimise effects, as will meditation and violet ray, connection with Higher Self and invocations of Light
  • Universe barrier or shell is actually curvature of Space-Time continuum
  • We will become more telepathic and learn Universal language while retaining native tongue to certain degree
  • Grey hybridisation not a problem anymore, some of the children have been rescued and are now healing off-planet.


  1. this most recent Cobra interview contained the HUGE news I was waiting to hear as Cobra confirmed now that most of the bombs that have thus far prevented planetary liberation have been neutralized

    planetary liberation is most imminent

    1. Wow! I didn't know that, I hadn't read the transcript yet but I will now. Looks like I'll be awake longer than I expected! Thanks for the alert, it's truly fabulous news!!! Blessings