05 October 2015

Sasquatch Message For Humanity ~ Kewaunee Lapseritis ~ 29 September 2015

Ancient wisdom from the Sasquatch, Humanity's Elder Brother Race. Their urgent messages to Humanity echo the very many appeals by higher beings/sources for us to awaken, step out of the system of control and into our own Sovereignty. This is a very long read (I'm only halfway through) but I hope you will find the time to do so as the messages are truly compelling, beseeching us to help save ourselves.

Source: The Sasquatch People

The following are important messages from the Sasquatch given to British Columbia native SunBow TrueBrother. In these messages, the history and all details of the universe and connection between the human, sasquatch, and some star species are outlined as well as the reasons. These are the answers the questions that everyone is asking! They offer so much wisdom and sound advice on how we can all evolve spiritually and connect with our big brothers.

The Spirit of God and our Sasquatch guides led me (Kelly) to find this gentleman and his messages on 9/28/15 as they told me for months now that I would continue to meet more of our “soul tribe” and others like us to help share the message of love and peace and responsibility that we have here on Earth. SunBow had never even heard of Kewaunee’s research or books, so you know these messages are truly authentic! The sasquatch were very excited that we have connected now so that we may work together to save humanity and Mother Earth.

These messages are in complete alignment with everything that Kewaunee and I know as well as the hundreds of other contactees that have and still receive messages from our loving big brothers. This is very lengthy, but I promise you that you will enjoy learning and remembering this ancient wisdom and that you will re-read it again! The sasquatch have been continuing to share information through him while he is available to do so, and we are very thankful for his willingness. Any new messages will be updated in this post as they become available. You may also see these messages and others, add your own, and connect with kindred spirits on the new facebook page we started called “Wisdom and Messages from our Elders” found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1501460963502283/

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 1)
Although some call him Bigfoot, Yeti, Yowie, Babaloo, Misabe, and a variety of other names, I call him Sasquatch, one of his most famous names, coming from the Coast Salish language of so-called BC. I say him, although this specie of two-leggeds also has genders and families, but the ones who choose to show themselves and interact with us Humans are most often wise older males, protectors of their tribe.

Two previous encounters and lots of research in different sources, including many accounts from Native traditions, had awaken my interest in this mysterious being. Two close encounters this spring with direct communications brought me many clear answers and teachings.

In May, on Vancouver Island, prime Sasquatch country by excellence, one week after finding tracks by Clayoquot, I did ceremonies and chants echoed in the mountains around Kennedy Lake. That night, a loud bang sounding like a big trunk being hit with strength on a hollow tree, caught my attention; then, another one closer. Then a big tree being shaken and broken, and another one closer, made it clear as to who it was. When I heard his foot steps coming my way, I knew he was coming to meet me. He stopped and sat just a few yards behind my tent.

I said to him in spirit: ”We are relatives. I come to meet you as a brother, to learn of who you are. Maybe you can help me understand why sad stories have happened between your people and mine. And maybe we can help in healing our collective past.”

Sasquatch said: (The communication was telepathic, through exchange of thought-forms, translated and interpreted here in words and Human speech, for our Human people.)

”You heard our call and you came. I heard your call and I came. I am an elder seer of my people, sent to meet and teach you. I haven’t met any of your people who could talk with us in a few of your generations. My and your people used to be close brothers, living side by side, in the early ages of your Human specie, when you could still sit in the Council of the Star Elders. We were your elder brothers protecting and teaching you. We helped your specie to learn, grow and adapt to this home-planet where you were created, on which we had been living since long before your conception.”

”Our people, like yours, was bioengineered by the Star Elders, but we were born many eaons before you were. Our conceptors added to their alien genetics the DNA of the most evolved and adapted specie of that era, a giant lemur, now long extinct, just like they did to create your specie much later, with the DNA of another evolved large primate, that you call Anthropopitecus. This is why our genetics and yours are so closely related that our species can interbreed. This is also why your specie and ours are the only two having spliced genes in this home-planet. So we come from the same star seeds, making us relatives, but our earthly ancestors are different. So we are not your ancestors, but your elder brothers.”

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  1. This is awsome! Big thanks to Jack Lapseritus.
    Like Renee dehinden, i use to think he was a crazy nut. But in resent years, i began to realize hes not.

    1. I only know of a couple of other Sasquatch contactees, but Lapseritis is new to me, as is Renee. I truly appreciate their perspective of our Human evolution.