07 October 2015

Sasquatch Message to Humanity (Parts 31 - 35) ~ DawaOutah LomaKatsi ~ Wisdom and Messages From Our Elders ~ 7 October 2015

This is actually the latest batch of the continuing compilation of messages from the Sasquatch.

Source: Wisdom and Messages From Our Elders

Conversations with Sasquatch (part 31 to part 35)
as received and transmitted today...
Here are the links to the continued message of our Elder Brother...


May our consciousness evolve into inter-species peaceful relations...

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  1. Ive been reading these. Theyre really good. I posted a link to them on Cobras blog. Theres alot of simularity with these with what Cobra and others are saying. Aparently channeled messages are inacurate and interfered with but if you think about it, wouldnt telepathic communication at close range in a remote area be very accurate. This is why im taking a lot of interest in these also i know these beings are real.

    1. At this point in time, the messages feel "clean" to me. And most definitely I believe Sasquatch beings exist......so many different sources all trying to help us. Blessings