22 October 2015

Sasquatch Messages Parts 47 - 49 ~ DawaOutah LomaKatsi

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Source: One Nation for the Great Earth Peace: Part 47 and Parts 48 - 49

Sasquatch said:
''Yes, little brother, once again tonight, one of ours visited you and manifested, to bring you confidence. You heard the gentle hoot you are getting familiar with calling you out, and there she was, standing half hidden behind the stump. She waved at you to let you know clearly that she came only for meeting you. Then you saw her slowly fading into the astral plane, turning into a vague shadow, until she vanished.''

''You are becoming accustomed to these manifestations from us, especially since you have returned to this place where you are now, where you have been channeling and transcripting our message at our request. It is in this same place where you started your quest to meet my people just over a year ago and where we started manifesting around you and calling you. You didn't understand then, what was happening, when strong whirlwinds would suddenly come to shake your shelter and stop at your door, followed by heavy steps on your roof; or when you heard our calls around or our whispers close to you. You couldn't believe your eyes when you saw me looking at you through your window, one dark night.''

''But since, you have been around a large territory and have heard or met our people in five locations. You have connected with our Soul and have been receiving our telepathic messages on a regular basis. You can hear our thoughts and transcript them in Human speech; we chose you to choose the words. You are only one, among a circle of ambassadors we selected, to speak for us to your Human People. You have been put in contact with several of them, including some women who carried our hybrids.''

Please read on.....(Part 47).

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  1. Reconnecting with my spiritual side with ancient knowledge of divine law and cosmic order. Brought on this home planet by the "Council of Star Elders" I am for Peace, Love and Unity for all my brothers and sisters. Sending my love to you brother Sasquatch. <3