18 October 2015

A Small Fragment Of Solara's October 2015 Surf Report

Planting Seeds / Falling Leaves

October is a strong month of transition. It's a month of Falling Leaves and Planting Seeds - of Completion and New Beginnings merged together. Old wounds are coming to the surface to be healed while we are also having experiences of seeing the New and True manifest on the physical as never before. It's the autumn of our old lives and the spring of our True Lives.

This month will bring us many shifts. Shifts of direction, shifts of habits, shifts in our jobs, deepening of our relationships and shifts into our True Purpose. The forward moving energies of 'A Mu'a are here again! We are finally getting some things done which we've wanted to do for a long time. These small victories feel wonderful.

The Eclipse of the "Blood" Moon on September 27 - 28 brought in a strong infusion of totally new energies from the New Reality that added a new component to the air we breathe. This new component is resetting our personal and planetary matrixes. This is similar to installing an important upgrade to the operating system on a computer that has some new elements which we didn't have before. One aspect of these new elements is increased courage and the confidence to boldly move forward.

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